Ghadar 2 movie release is announced in August 2023.

Ghadar 2 movie

After releasing the teaser of the sequel to the 2001 Bollywood film ‘Ghadar 2 Movie : Ek Prem Katha’ after more than two decades, it has been announced that it will be released in August this year.
Initially, Ghadar 2 movie was announced to release in August 2022, but due to some reasons, the film could not be released last year. The released teaser of ‘Ghadar 2 Movie’ suggests that the story of the sequel has picked up from where the story of the first film left off.
In the teaser, scenes of the time 1971 and Lahore, the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab, are shown and a woman’s voice is heard in the background saying that Tara Singh is Pakistan’s son-in-law, this time he can take Lahore as a dowry. The short teaser also shows the anti-India protests inside Lahore, while Sunny Deol’s character, Tara Singh, is also shown fighting the opposition.

In the film Ghadar 2, Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab
Ghadar 2 movie in Lahore
Sunny Deol stands near a fire in Lahore in Ghadar 2
Sunny Deol in Ghadar 2 movie

The teaser shows that this time Sunny Deol will be seen hitting the opponents with the wheel of a donkey cart, while in the previous film, he killed the opponents with a hand pump (Nakle). The teaser suggests that apart from distorting the facts, the film will also show anti-Pakistan content, but it is too early to say anything in this regard. It should be noted that Ghadar: Ek Prem Katha was released in 2001, the story of the film was set against the backdrop of the partition of India.
The film stars Sunny Deol as ‘Tara’, a Sikh man, while Ameesha Patel plays a Muslim girl, ‘Sakeena’, who marries for love before the partition of India, but the country is soon divided.
The film showed that after the partition of India and Pakistan, ‘Sakeena’ comes to Pakistan and her Sikh husband comes to Lahore from India to pick her up and faces a lot of opposition from the wife’s family.

Gadar 2 – Official Teaser | Sunny Deol | Ameesha Patel | Anil Sharma | Zee Studios | 11th August

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