Did not benefit anyone which is why multiple roles were not given, Jawaria Saud

Did not benefit anyone which is why multiple roles were not given, Jawaria Saud

Senior and popular actress Jawaria Saud has revealed that in the past there was a tradition of getting benefits in return for work in the showbiz industry and she too was not given many popular roles in the past because she did not benefit anyone.

Jawaria Saud recently gave an interview with ‘Fuchsia Magazine’, in which she opened up about the showbiz industry, acting, and personal life. She said that her husband’s father was the person who recited the Holy Quran on the radio for the first time five minutes before the announcement of the creation of Pakistan.

According to him, Saud’s father was a scholar and reciter and after the establishment of Pakistan, he continued to organize recitation competitions and he had also won the second position in international recitation competitions. When asked about love, he said that he and Saud were married by the will of the family and there was no love between them before, but it happened after marriage.

The actress said that after marriage, she always stuck with her husband, which Saud told her several times to leave him alone, but she did not listen to him and always stuck with him. There was love between them. Joyria admits that love comes automatically after marriage and after children, it increases.

Talking about acting, she said that she did not face any difficulties entering showbiz, she was working on Pakistan Television (PTV) since childhood and her first drama ‘Anhooni‘ was a success. After that, he started getting continuous work. He admitted that he did not face any difficulties in entering showbiz, however, he faced difficulties in getting good work.

Jawaria Saud said in response to a question that there are bad people in every sector including show business and there are good and bad people in every sector, similarly, there were bad people in show business too. The actress said that after entering showbiz, she used to lie to everyone that she was engaged, due to which people were not very open to her and did not ask her to go to parties or parties.

Speaking about giving benefits in return for work, Jawaria Saud said that like in other industries, it has been happening in showbiz that everyone has been given work because of their personality. According to him, even in the past, people who were giving some kind of benefit to others in return for work got more work.

She said that her nature was not like that, she did not give any benefit to anyone, due to which she was not given many leading roles in the past.Jawaria Saud said that she has no regrets that she was not given very good roles in the past.

While talking about the same, she revealed that once she was offered a very big and good role in the hope that she would give some kind of benefit to the presenters after playing the role, she did nothing. He made it clear that in return for the work, he was expected to be in favor of staying with him at late-night parties. Talking about the showbiz industry of the past and present, Jawaria Saud said that now the industry has improved, now more facilities and comforts are available.

According to her, now women also have more options, if someone says something wrong to them, they post it on social media and people also support them. At the same time, he pointed out that some women are also misusing social media and telling lies, but he did not name anyone.

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