‘Parizaad’ popular drama released in Arabic


Along with the announcement of presenting ‘Parizaad’ in Arabic language, Hum TV Network also introduced its Arabic language YouTube channel ‘Hum Arabiya’, on which the network’s popular dramas and movies are translated into Arabic. It had to be presented.
Before Hum TV, it was announced by Pakistan Television (PTV) at the government level to translate the popular dramas of Pakistan into Arabic and present them in other Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia and now that channel Pakistan. The first episode of the most popular drama Parizaad has been aired.
One of the most popular Pakistani dramas of the year 2021 and 2022, ‘Parizaad’ was released in Arabic.Hum TV launched its YouTube channel in Arabic in May last month and announced the release of ‘Preezaad’ first on it.

Parizaad In Arabic
From Hum Arabiya’ Instagram:

The TV channel has now released the popular drama in Arabic, the drama presented with subtitles in the English language. The drama was dubbed ‘Qariba’ in Arabic and its first episode was released on 1st June.
The episodes of the Arabic version of the drama are not being watched as much on YouTube as compared to the Urdu language, and the episodes of the drama barely reached 10,000 views as of June 10.The Urdu episodes of the same drama were watched by millions of people on YouTube within a few hours.
It is believed that after ‘Parizaad’, Hum TV will also translate its other popular dramas into Arabic and release them on the YouTube channel.Also, films produced by the network will be translated into Arabic and released on YouTube.
It is also speculated that after the popularity of YouTube Arabic, Hum TV may also offer a satellite TV channel in Arabic for viewers in Middle Eastern countries. It is also being said that like Hum TV, ARY Digital has also introduced its YouTube channel in Arabic on which the TV channel is presenting its popular dramas and movies in Arabic.
ARY has so far released ‘Mere Humsafar’ and ‘Kisi Teri Khud Sahigi’ on YouTube while the third popular drama ‘Olaad’ will also be released soon.

Parizaad In Arabic:

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