‘Asa hi hota hai’ is An Animal Movie Like You’ve Never Seen Before

'Asa hi hota hai' is An Animal Movie Like You've Never Seen Before

With the support of the Ayesha Chandragar Foundation, a 5-minute short film about animals is being made ‘Asa hi hota hai’, directed by Marina Khan.

Some videos were shared by Animal Rescue officials on the social media platform Instagram in which Marina Khan and Sania Saeed can be seen busy shooting for the film.
According to the post, ‘Asa hi hota hai’ is a film about animals that you have never seen before, which also stars actress Sania Saeed.
The social media post further stated that there were some challenges during the shooting of the film as you cannot repeat a scene with animals, the film was shot in February in Karachi.

Actress Sania Saeed told Dawn.com about the film that ‘Asa Hi Hota Hai’ is a 5-minute short film, it is about human misbehavior, be it with animals or children. , this film is about human behavior.’
He said that a very inspiring message has been given in the film.

Asa Hi Hota Hai Filam Actor Sania Saeed
From Sania Saeed Instagram:

She says that the film also highlights that ‘some of our behaviors in daily life are not appropriate and we don’t even consider them wrong’.
Sania Saeed added that the film is not about a specific incident, but about attitudes that are not pointed out.
The idea of ​​the film was Ayesha Chandragar who approached Sania Saeed, while the script of the film is also written by Ayesha Chandragar.
Sania Saeed said that all the people working in the film have played their roles voluntarily, “All the characters have worked without compensation.”
Talking about the subject of the film, he stressed that we need to talk about it and create awareness among people regarding this important topic. ‘
While talking to Dawn, the actress said that most of the animals in the film were used by ACF shelters, including dogs and donkeys, and no animal was harmed during the shooting of the film.
The movie ‘Asa hi hota hai’ will release on June 16.
It should be noted that Ayesha Chandragarh Foundation (ACF) is a non-governmental organization established in Karachi for the welfare of animals, which raises its voice on the mistreatment of animals. The founder of the foundation, Ayesha Chandigarh, started this organization last year. What was, the aim is not only to raise funds for animals but to make the world a better place.
Apart from caring for animals, her organization’s goals include saving the ocean from plastic waste and empowering women artisans.
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