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Queen Elizabeth

People all over the world, not only at the official level but also at the public level, know and recognize Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, perhaps no other person is so familiar.

Queen Elizabeth
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Queen Elizabeth, who retired last year, is recognized by the world for her serious face, flamboyant dresses, and the myriad of colorful, goofy-style hats to match. There are many interesting and surprising facts about this well-known personality of the world that very few people would know.

She never went to school:

Queen Elizabeth was never admitted to any school for her education but that does not mean that she is not educated. As a child, Elizabeth was nicknamed “Lily Bet” and was lavishly educated at home by her private tutor. Her younger sister Princess Margaret was also not admitted to the school and was taught at home by private tutors. On May 8, 1945, when the end of World War II was being celebrated, Elizabeth and Margaret were allowed by their parents to mingle with the common people to celebrate, and the Queen had one of the most memorable evenings of her life. It was declared because she was getting out of the “prison” of the royal palace for the first time and enjoying life with the public.

Tidal crown broke at marriage:

In 1947, on the occasion of Elizabeth’s wedding, the jeweled tiara on her head suddenly broke, after which the royal jeweler was immediately called in to repair the diamond-encrusted wedding jewel. Fortunately, the tiara was repaired shortly before the wedding ceremony began, and then Princess Elizabeth appeared among the guests with the twin crowns on her head. Her future husband Prince Philip is technically her third cousin, as Elizabeth was related to Queen Victoria on her father’s side while Philip was related to Queen Victoria on her mother’s side. Prince Philip was born into the royal families of Greece and Denmark, but he renounced his early titles after marrying Elizabeth.
The Queen did not need to date before marriage, as she had taken Philip as her husband at the age of 13. They were engaged at the age of 21, during which time the two must have exchanged letters.

More than 260 foreign tours:

Since becoming Queen, Elizabeth has made at least 260 foreign official visits, although the Daily Telegraph reported that in 2015, the Queen of Great Britain attended 341 royal events as if she were attending an event almost every day. That is, Queen Alia’s engagements were greater than the combined activities of Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

Private “ATM” at Buckingham Palace:

It is not known how many credit or debit cards Queen Elizabeth did or did not have, but she may have needed currency notes for cash payments at times. For this purpose she also used ATM. But in search of an automated teller machine, he did not have to turn to a bank, a private ATM was installed in his royal palace, Buckingham Palace.

Cases cannot be instituted:

There must be some benefit to being a queen, so Queen Elizabeth cannot be implicated in any case, nor can she be called to testify in court. However, it seems that the Queen does not take any undue advantage of her power. “However, no civil or criminal case can be instituted against the Queen,” the royal family’s website said. Despite this, he is careful that all his activities in a private capacity are carried out in full accordance with the law.

Shrimp, Garlic Prohibited Foods:

There are two foods that Queen Elizabeth dislikes, one is shrimp, crab, and oysters, and the other is garlic. “Shellfish” included in seafood, i.e. aquatic creatures with shells, are not liked by the queen because she could fear poisoning or an allergic reaction from eating them. Apart from garlic, raw onion also confused the queen.

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