Pakistani actress Sana fitness secret

Pakistani actress Sana fitness secret

Film star Sana told the secret of her fitness, in an interview, the actress said that there is no secret to her fitness, she does other things including exercise, and that’s why she looks fit.
44-year-old actress Sana said that she is proud of her fitness when common people, including showbiz personalities, praise her and ask her the secret of staying healthy and young, while she is happier when others praise her. They start to exercise.

Sana fitness
From Sana Instagram:

The actress said that she has always believed that women should marry rich men.
She smiled and said that money is very important and that if couples do not have money after marriage, their marriage and love will end soon, so she always advises women to marry rich people. Should.
The actress clarified that she is not at all saying that one should not marry poor people, if one loves someone then go for it but remember that money is very important.

According to Sana Nawaz, she will choose money between money and love because it is very important in moving life forward.
She clarified that Nawaz is her father’s name and she was called Sana Nawaz before marriage but became proud after getting married.
Sana and her husband Fakhr Imam had said through social media posts in October 2022 that they had separated after 14 years of marriage and wanted to end their marriage.
Later, the actress spoke openly about the divorce in several interviews and vaguely attributed it to her husband’s alleged infidelity.
There were reports in the media that several months after the divorce, other matters were settled between the two and the Union Council of Lahore issued divorce papers to them.
The actress once smilingly claimed in a TV show that the whole of Pakistan is proud of her that she is no longer ‘proud’.
Sana Fakhar started her showbiz career with movies in 1997 and she was among the popular heroines of 2000. Actress Sana acted in movies as well as many dramas. Sana Fakhar married Fakhrajfari in 2008. They are mothers.
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