Shanaas Drama Cast, Story, Release Date and Timing

Shanaas Drama Cast, Story, Release Date and Timing

Green Entertainment is soon going to air the drama serial Shanaas with the main cast of Hajra Yamin and Arez Ahmed.


Shanaas Drama Serial Cast and Crew, Story and Air Date. Shanaas is the story of a girl named Aneesa and her mother leaves her when she is a child. As time passes, Aneesa grows up and tries to figure out who she is and who her parents are, and what defines her.Hajra Yameen will also be seen in Green Entertainment’s drama serial Wonderland with Fahad Sheikh in the main cast.
Among the famous plays of Hajra Yamin are the colors of modesty, Bholi Bano, To Dil Ka Kiya, Teri Reza, Pujaran, Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja, Tabir, Ishq Na Kiryo Koi, Bindi, Small Talks, Naqb Zin, Ahad Wafa, Aas, Sheher-e-Malal, Jalan, Tera Gham and Hum, Ho Adab, Mere Apnay, Mohabbat Chour Di Mein and Hum 2 Hamary 100.
Hajra Yamin is playing the role of Aneesa in the drama serial Shanaas. The main cast of the drama serial Shanaas includes Hajra Yameen, Arez Ahmed, Adnan Shah Tipu, Shehrad Nawaz, and Sania Saeed.


Green Entertainment presents the trailer of upcoming drama serial Shanaas: an emotional thriller that unravels the strongest of family bonds as decades old secrets come to light. Join Aneesa on her journey of finding the truth about where she belongs; and discovering her own self along the way. In the chaotically calm world of Shanaas, experience epic story-telling of broken hearts yearning to be put back together.

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The drama serial has been written by Pakistan’s famous drama writer Adarsh Ayaz, and the director of this drama is Yasir Rizvi, and the producer is Qaiser Ali.
The drama serial Shanaas will be aired every Tuesday at 9 PM on Green Entertainment.

Genres: Drama
Producer: Qaiser Ali
Directors: Yasir Rizvi
Writers: Adarsh Ayaz
Release Date: 11th July 2023
Day&Air Time: Every Tuesday (9:00 PM)
Duration: 40m
Channel Name: Green Entertainment
Productions: Q&K Productions and Multiverse Entertainment Company
Country of origin: Pakistan


The leading cast of the drama serial Shanaas includes Hajra Yamin, Arez Ahmed, Adnan Shah Tipu, Yasr Rizvi, Shahzad Nawaz, Sania Saeed, Shamim Hilali, and Adnan Jilani.

Hajra Yamin: Aneesa
Arez Ahmed: TBA
Adnan Shah Tipu: TBA
Shahzad Nawaz: TBA
Shamim Hilaly: TBA
Adnan Jilani: TBA
Sania Saeed: Aneesa’s Mother
Yasra Rizvi: TBA

Shanaas Drama Cast Hajra Yamin
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Shanaas Drama Cast Arez Ahmed
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Shanaas Drama Cast Adnan Shah Tipu
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