Love is restricted to boyfriend and girlfriend, Usman Mukhtar

Love is restricted to boyfriend and girlfriend, Usman Mukhtar

Actor Usman Mukhtar says that people have limited love to boys and girlfriends or husband and wife, although love exists in every human relationship, it should not be limited to romance. Actor Usman Mukhtar got married to his friend Zanira Inam Khan on April 2021, they have been married for almost 2 years.

Usman Mukhtar recently gave an interview to ‘Fuchsia Magazine’ where he talked about marriage, love, and career, apart from the content of dramas and his upcoming films. Talking about married life, the actor said, ‘I don’t think it makes any difference whether you get married early or late, you can get married at any age when you find the best life partner to live with.

The actor also opened up about his relationship with his wife Zaneera Inam Khan. He said that they were friends before marriage and the best part of their relationship is their friendship, he met Zaneera through friends, and he said that he still cherishes their friendship.

Usman also talked about love, he said that people have limited love to boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife but love is actually in every human relationship, like one loves his mother. Loves friends, so love is in every relationship, it doesn’t have to be limited to romance. He said that even till the age of 23, his mother did not allow him to go out of the house for a long time because his mother was very strict.

Talking about films and dramas, the actor said that he wants to create action, science fiction, and fantasy stories that are different, saying, “We don’t work on it much, but I hope if I do, I can bring a little change in the industry. ‘ Usman Mukhtar also talked about his upcoming 2 movies, he said that the teaser of the movie ‘Amr Aiyar’ is going to be released soon, and people will see Pakistan’s first science fiction fantasy-based movie, and the second movie ‘ Chikar’ is.

He did not share the details regarding the release date of the film ‘Umar Wa Aiyar’. It should be noted that the story of the movie ‘Amr Aiyar’ is based on the story of the character of the same name included in ancient Muslim literature ‘Dastan Amir Hamza’.

“Dastan Amir Hamza” is considered to be a thousand years old Islamic literary text, which after Arabic and Persian was added to Urdu literature in the form of translation during the Mughal emperors. ‘Dastan Ameer Hamza’ contains the stories of various fictional magical characters, including the story of ‘Amr Aiyar’.

Amr Aiyar’ is directed by Azfar Jafri, a story written by Atif Rehan Siddiqui and produced by Huma Babar. The character of ‘Amr Aiyar’ has been portrayed in many dramas and films, but this is the first time that a Pakistani film is being made on the same character.
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