There was no challenge due to parents, Asher Wajahat

There was no challenge due to parents, Asher Wajahat

Budding young actor Asher Wajahat has said that after entering the showbiz industry, his parents gave him guidance due to which he did not face any challenges. Asher Wajahat is the son of renowned director Wajahat Rauf and producer Shazia Wajahat, he entered the showbiz industry at a young age and fortunately has also played the lead role in his film ‘Jhon’ which released on 14th July.

Apart from this, he has also been cast in several dramas including Chand Tara, Panjara, Sotili, and others, while also being cast in the movie ‘Chhalawa‘ and the movie ‘Lahore Se Aya’. Recently he gave an interview to the famous Pakistani entertainment magazine ‘Hello Pakistan‘ where Asher talked about his career so far and his future aspirations.

Talking about his recently released film ‘Jaan’, the 20-year-old actor said that ‘Jaan’ was the most important and exciting project of his career and the experience of shooting the film was amazing. When asked about the script of the film and the reason for acting in it, Asher Wajahat said, “I loved the story of the film, it was an honor for me to be offered the lead role of the film.”

He said, ‘John’s role in the film is very interesting, there are not many dialogues in this film but he acts through his eyes and facial expressions, as an actor I benefited from that and I Got a chance to do things by myself. ‘ Commenting on the experience of working with TikToker and actress Romesa Khan, Asher Wajahat said, ‘Romesa is my very good friend and actress, when a good actor stands in front of you, you try to perform better.

The actor also opened up about his experience in the showbiz industry as the son of famous parents during the interview. He said, ‘As far as my experience in the showbiz industry is concerned, I have been very lucky because my parents guided me and many people supported me, so I did not face any challenges. And I am very grateful. He further said that the challenges he faced were different.

Asher Wajahat says, ‘I think the difficulties I faced are that when you start acting at a very young age, there comes a time in between when it becomes very difficult to get work. , there is a lot of competition in the industry, it wasn’t a challenge, but I wanted to do something different, which would make my work stand out because there are so many good actors in our industry, so it’s important to do stand out and unique work.’

He added, ‘In the journey of acting there is always learning, a moment when I think I know everything is when I fail, I try and hope to improve in every project. That people will like my skills.’ Asher Wajahat said, “People know that my parents are famous personalities in the showbiz industry, but my talent is different from theirs.”

Talking about working on other projects apart from the film Jaan, Asher Wajahat said that ‘Recently, the screening of the film ‘Jaan’ was held in America, so I am currently busy in the promotion of the same film, now I am in TV dramas. I will work, there is talk of working on a couple of projects, my aim is always to do something different, I want to do another drama after the drama ‘Chand Tara’, now let’s see what happens.’

It should be noted that the story of the movie ‘Jaan’ revolves around the events of a poor class boy and his love.The film is mostly shot in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, and depicts the lives of people belonging to the lower classes.

In ‘Jaan’ Asher Wajahat has played the lead role while Romesa Khan has played the role of the heroine. While ‘Jaan’ is the debut film of both the lead actors, YouTuber Raza Samu is also making his debut in the same film.
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