It took 9 years to convince the wife for marriage, Ahmed Ali Butt

It took 9 years to convince the wife for marriage, Ahmed Ali Butt

Pakistan’s famous comedian, rapper, actor and host Ahmed Ali Butt talking about his married life said that it took him 9 years to convince his wife for marriage. Ahmed Ali Butt got married to Fatima Khan in 2013 and had their first child in October 2014.

Ahmed Ali Butt is not only a famous Pakistani actor but also known as a pop musician, he started his professional career by directing the popular theater plays Moolah Jatt and Inspector Khoji, his acting debut was in the famous sitcom ‘Jatt and Bond‘ which was very well received.

He recently graced Geo TV’s program Hansna Muni Hai where he answered interesting questions from host Tabish Hashmi. Ahmed Ali Butt said that he does very few concerts now, he has done Punjabi, English and serious theater in the past but the pay was higher on TV so he started working on TV.

Talking about his weight, the actor said that it took him 2 years to lose weight, his weight loss journey started during covid-19, he himself realized that he is now 40 years old, so he needs to lose weight. Weight should be reduced. Ahmad Ali Butt said that ‘the main reason behind losing weight was my son, I wanted to be healthy and be more ACTIVE with my son.’

Talking about his married life, the actor said that his wife Fatima Khan started working on TV before him and she was more popular than him at that time. He said that since Fatima was a more popular actress than me at that time, I offered her an episode of my TV show Jatt and Bond, she accepted our offer but at that time she was very busy and asked me to do it. They didn’t even talk.

Ahmed Ali Butt further said that we had good friendship for 9 years before marriage, then since she belongs to Britain, she left me and went to Britain. He further said that it took 9 years to convince him for marriage and after many efforts he invited him back to Pakistan.

Explaining the reason for not working in TV or film these days, Ahmed Ali Butt said that his 3 films have been made, which are yet to be released, because the cinema was closed due to Covid-19. Waiting for the movie to release. He further said that among his three films, one is a Punjabi film, the second is an animated film and the third is the film ‘Ganjal’ with actor Ahmed Ali Akbar.
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