If you get permission from your father to act, then you will say that you will do it after marriage, Hira Soomro

If you get permission from your father to act, then you will say that you will do it after marriage, Hira Soomro

Hira Soomro revealed that if she got permission from her father to act, she would have done it after marriage. Actress Hira Soomro, who played the role of Miriam’s sister Maryam in the popular drama ‘Tere Bin’, has said that she was fond of acting since childhood, but whenever she asked permission from her father, she got married before he told her. Then do it.

Hira Soomro recently participated in the comedy show ‘Hansna Muni Hai’, where she spoke openly about other issues including showbiz. The actress revealed that she will be seen in the first film soon, but did not reveal any more details about the film.

Speaking at the program, she said that she was very good at studies and her parents wanted her to become a doctor or a lawyer. According to him, he belongs to a Sindhi family and Sindhi parents try to make their children become doctors, engineers, or lawyers, so he was under the same pressure.

Hira Soomro said that with great difficulty, his father allowed him to study media and then he started working as a director. According to the actress, after the popularity of the drama ‘Tere Bin’, people began to recognize her by the character name ‘Maryam’ instead of her name, until during an interview, the female host introduced her as Maryam and called her Maryam. Just understood.

Talking about the issue of acting and marriage, Hara Soomro said that she had been fond of acting since childhood but she was not allowed to. She said that whenever she used to talk to her father about acting, he would tell her to get married first, and then do whatever she wanted.

The actress smiled and said that she got married early because of her passion for acting.
Hira Soomros said that although she started acting after the birth of her first child, she had a passion for acting from the beginning.
On the question about marriage, she revealed that her husband and she arranged the relationship by making the husband’s mother a partner in the project.

Hira Soomro said that her husband’s mother talked to her husband about her son’s marriage, who asked her father for a relationship and they got married. made a marriage of choice and planned the wedding on his own.

She admitted that she had an affair with her husband before marriage and planned the wedding three months before the marriage. In response to a question, she admitted that she also acted to earn money, as she also wanted to be independent.

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