The robbers returned the items after recognizing them while returning, Ejaz Aslam

The robbers returned the items after recognizing them while returning, Ejaz Aslam

Ejaz Aslam revealed that the robbers returned all my belongings after recognizing me while robbing me. Senior actor Ejaz Aslam has revealed that once he was robbed by robbers mistaking him for Junaid Jamshed, the time the robbers recognized him and returned the stolen items.

Ejaz Aslam recently participated in the comedy show ‘Had Kurdi’, where he spoke candidly about his career and other issues. Ejaz Aslam revealed that he was offered the role in Adnan Siddiqui’s first play ‘Arosa’ but could not play the role due to his parents’ disapproval.

He said that till then he was doing modeling, which took less time but drama took more time, due to which his parents asked him to focus on studies. Similarly, he said that at the beginning of his career, three actors were to be cast in a play of Pakistan Navy and the team of the play did not want to cast Adnan Siddiqui he demanded that if he was not cast, he would also not work in the play, on which the team of the play forced Adnan Siddiqui to cast.

In response to a question, Ijaz Aslam said that his parents got him married only when he was modeling so that the boy would not be spoiled. Speaking on the same issue, the actor said that boys should get married at the age of 25 to 26 years.

Speaking in the program, Ejaz Aslam said that he also worked with Indian actress Shweta Tiwari in a drama called ‘Doost’ which unfortunately could not be aired. Ejaz Aslam also revealed that he was morbidly obese at a young age and even at the age of 14 his waist was 42, and his eyes were hidden when he laughed.

He said that despite being overweight, he was very active as a child, he played not only badminton but also good squash, and later he started playing cricket more. In response to a question, Ejaz Aslam revealed that some people tried to create a rift between Adnan Siddiqui and his friendship but all failed, however, he did not say anything about the conspirators.

Talking about the situation and events in Karachi, the actor said that once he went to buy books with his children in the month of Ramadan, they were robbed in the market and their mobile phone was taken away from them.

The actor said that he was sitting in the car waiting for the children when two people came and asked him to open the car door. According to Ijaz Aslam, the bandits were robbing him thinking that it was Junaid Jamshed, but when they saw that it was someone else, they were also surprised.

The actor said that the robbers politely and respectfully told him that Ijaz Bhai, we have come to take your mobile phone today. According to the actor, he did not resist and gave his mobile phone to the robbers. Ejaz Aslam told another incident of robbery that once he left a production house with his friend, two young robbers took his mobile phone at gunpoint.

According to the actor, as soon as the robber caught sight of him, he recognized him and said, ‘Hey Ejaz bhai aap’. Ejaz Aslam said that the robbers apologized to him and returned the stolen mobile phone to him and on his request also returned the phone stolen from his friend and ran away apologizing.

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