I was offered a job in Bollywood but I never thought of going out and working, Babar Ali

I was offered a job in Bollywood but I never thought of going out and working, Babar Ali

Popular yesteryear film hero and https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce9jW7ao82i/?hl=ensenior actor Babar Ali has admitted that he never got any work offer from Bollywood. Babar Ali started his career at a very young age with the famous PTV drama ‘Labeek’, in which he played the role of the Muslim general Muhammad Bin Qasim.

After that, Babar Ali appeared in the role of the Mughal emperor in the play ‘Babar’, after which he made his film debut in Syed Noor’s film ‘Jiva’ in 1995 after doing several plays on Pakistan Television (PTV). What was the beginning?

Resham played the lead role in ‘Jeewa’ opposite Babar Ali and her song ‘Jaanu Sun Zara’ from the same film created new records of popularity. Babar Ali has acted in nearly three dozen films and three dozen dramas and is also active on social media.

Recently, he participated in the talk show ‘Mazaq Raat’, where he spoke openly about his showbiz career and other issues. In response to a question, he said that once while shooting a hero-villain fight scene, Shafqat Cheema punched him so much that he became unconscious.

He said that when he regained consciousness, he found himself in Shafqat Cheema’s lap. According to Babar Ali, Shafqat Cheema used to fast like him during the shooting of films, and on the day he punched him, both of them were also fasting.

Speaking in the program, the actor also admitted that every actor and director played their part in ruining the Pakistani film industry. He said that if he had a chance to go back in life, he would correct only two things in the film industry, one is time constraints and the other is to add some good message in films, i.e. films with purpose and story. to create.

Babar Ali said that when the message was removed from Pakistani films, Pakistani films began to decline and at that time he did not understand these things, because at that time many things were coming to everyone, including him. So these people did not realize the mistakes.

On the question of the best actors of the recent era, he named Iqra Aziz, Sajal Ali, Imran Ashraf, Wahaj Ali, and Shehryar Manoor. Recalling the past, he said that he was 14 to 15 years old when he was given a role in PTV’s drama ‘Labaik’.

According to him, before the said drama, he used to stand outside the gate of PTV for two to two and a half years in the hope that some producer or director would notice him and allow him to act. Babar Ali said that one day the producer of Labik drama saw him standing outside and loudly said that he had found his Muhammad bin Qasim and then he took him inside.

According to the actor, he was given 15 minutes to audition and he got fully prepared and called his mother on PTV to pray. Babar Ali admitted that his audition was not good, but he was still selected for the role of Muhammad Bin Qasim.

In response to a question during the program, he also admitted that he never got a job offer from Bollywood. He said that during his career he never thought that he should go to another country and act. Babar Ali while praising the Bollywood industry also said that it is doing good work but he never thought of going to another country to work.

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