People tried to make videos of wife during Tawaf, Shahid Afridi

People tried to make videos of wife during Tawaf, Shahid Afridi

Former captain of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi has said that many times people secretly make videos of his family, even during Tawaf people tried to make videos with his veiled wife. Although Shahid Afridi is active on social media, he usually does not share pictures with his wife and children.

In recent years, Shahid Afridi has shared some pictures with his daughters, while sometimes his wife was also present in the pictures, but his wife has been seen in full screen. Shahid Afridi is sometimes criticized for not sharing pictures with his family, especially his wife, and daughters, but he has clarified many times that he does not share pictures and information of other family members. Not in favor.

Recently, Shahid Afridi participated in Sama TV’s program ‘Gap Shab’, where he openly talked about cricket and other issues. He said that during cricket, when a player of his team is not playing properly, he sits from a distance gets angry at their actions, and wants to get down on the field himself.

He revealed that he still practices and exercises the same way he did when he was playing cricket and if he didn’t, he felt he would get sick. In response to a question, Shahid Afridi said that he continues to watch movies, plays, and shows.

He said that he had permitted Humayun Saeed to make a film named ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ because he felt that the film would convey a good message. Shahid Afridi humorously said that the name of the said film should have been ‘Main Hoon Humayun Saeed’.

Meanwhile, he wished that a film should be made about his life and a good message should be given in it. Talking about social media and privacy during the program, Shahid Afridi clarified that he is not against social media but he believes that education is necessary for its use.

He said that education could not reach remote areas of Pakistan but Wi-Fi reached there. The former cricketer said that social media should be used responsibly, and people should know what is wrong and what is right. He complained that with the advent of social media, people’s privacy has been lost.

Shahid Afridi also complained that people secretly make videos of him and his family from a distance, even though it is known that he does not share his personal life on social media. The former cricketer said that his wife wears a full veil, but still people continue to secretly make videos from a distance and this practice is very wrong.

He said that it is not so sad to secretly make videos in airports and public places, but such work was done in holy places. Shahid Afridi revealed that even during Tawaf, people kept making videos of him and his veiled wife and he also forbade those who did so there, but they did not obey.

The former cricketer said that despite the prohibition, he snatched the mobile from the people who made the videos and then apologized to them because they were in God’s house.

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