How many lakhs did Mahira Khan wear on her wedding

How many lakhs did Mahira Khan wear on her wedding

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan wore a dress of how many lakhs on her wedding. Pakistan’s ‘superstar’ Mahira Khan confirmed her marriage to her longtime friend Saleem Karim on October 2 after being in a relationship for a few years.

The actress herself has not yet released any statement regarding the marriage, but her manager Anusha Talha Khan, and the actress’ brother Sohail Khan confirmed her marriage. Mahira Khan kept the wedding ceremony very secret and didn’t even invite most of the showbiz personalities to the wedding.

Although there were reports in August 2023 that the actress would get married at the end of September in Murree, a tourist destination in Punjab, the actress did not issue any statement in this regard.

Now their manager and brother confirmed their engagement by sharing their wedding photos and videos, after which showbiz personalities also congratulated them on starting their new life. After the marriage of the actress, her fans appeared on the internet searching for information about her spouse, including the price of the white lehenga worn by her at the wedding.

Although the actress has not released any statement regarding the wedding dress she wore at the wedding, fashion designer Faraz Manan shared the actress’ wedding video on Instagram, hinting that Mahira Khan wore the dress designed by him.

According to the Urdu newspaper Jang, Faraz Manan’s representative refused to talk openly about the wedding dress for Mahira Khan wedding but he said that the price of the special dress prepared by him for the wedding is 35 lakhs rupees. Begins with

The representative of the fashion house suggests that Mahira Khan’ wedding lehenga will cost between 35 to 50 lakhs rupees, however, it cannot be confirmed how many lakh rupees she wore.
Similarly, after Mahira Khan’s marriage, most people seem to be looking for information about her spouse.

Although Mahira Khan admitted that she had a relationship with an industrialist named Saleem Kareem even before her marriage, she did not give any further details about him. According to several showbiz websites, Saleem Karim is the owner of an online payment company based in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province.

According to reports, Saleem Karim owns an online payment company called ‘SimPesa’ which provides easy money transfer and payment facilities to businessmen in 15 other countries including Pakistan.

Apart from Pakistan, the said company provides money payment and remittance facilities in the Middle East, America, and some countries in Europe. There are also reports that Saleem Karim is at least 10 years older than the actress, but it is too early to say anything in this regard.

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