‘Sold namco to pay school fees, how did Haris Rauf become a superstar

'Sold namco to pay school fees, how did Haris Rauf become a superstar

Pakistan’s superstar bowler Haris Rauf revealed that he ‘sold Namco to pay school fees’. Haris Rauf, the star fast bowler of the Pakistan cricket team, spoke openly about the difficulties and challenges faced during his cricket journey, saying that he started playing from the streets of Rawalpindi, was beaten a lot by his father, but followed his passion. Did not move.

Haris Rauf has emerged as Pakistan’s number-one bowler in white-ball cricket since his debut in January 2020. Haris saw many ups and downs in his career due to not being financially stable, which led him to play tap ball cricket to pay for his household and university fees, not only that, but he also sold Namco in the market.

In an interview with Kirkinfo, Haris Rauf revealed that ‘after matriculation, he used to work sold Namco in the market every Sunday, later he paid his university fees by playing tap ball.’

He said, “When I entered the university, my father did not earn enough to pay my fees, but he used to pay 70,000 to 80,000 fees per semester by playing tap ball.” ‘ He said that the boys who open professional tap balls in Pakistan easily earn up to two and a half lakhs per month. had never told about his earnings.’

‘My father has three brothers and they all lived together, my father had a big room and when my uncle got married, my father gave his room to his brothers, eventually there was a time when we slept in the kitchen. They were forced to.

Haris Rauf started his cricket journey on the streets of Rawalpindi, Punjab province, and within a few years, he reached the heights of fame in the world of cricket. He grew up playing in the streets of Rawalpindi in his childhood, Haris Rauf was forbidden by his father to play cricket, he even had to be beaten three times a day by his father to play cricket.

He used to leave his house under the pretense of studying and reach the field by picking up the cricket equipment kept by his friend. Talking about his journey to reach the Lahore Qalandars team from tape ball, Haris Rauf said that one day he reached Gujranwala to give a trial on the advice of his friend.

He said ‘No one at home knew that I was going to give the trial, there were hundreds of candidates, I was giving the trial with my friends, I went through the stages one by one and when the last trial was over. When the time came, he bowled the fastest ball at a speed of 88 miles per hour. The coaches there did not believe it, they thought that maybe the speed test was bad.

Haris Rauf said that ‘Aqib Javed asked me to bowl the second ball and when I bowled the second ball at a speed of 90 miles per hour and the third ball at a speed of 92.3 miles per hour, after seeing my speed, Lahore Qalandars Coach Tahir Mughal and Aqib Javed were surprised.

After becoming a part of Lahore Qalandars camp from tap ball and joining professional cricket, Haris Rauf faced many difficulties including fitness. He made his name in the world through performances. Haris Rauf was sent to Australia by Lahore Qalandars under their Player Development Program (PDP) in 2017, this was the occasion.

After that, in 2018, he went to play in the Abu Dhabi T20 Trophy in the Lahore Qalandars team under the same program in which his team became the champion. The year 2019 was the year when Haris Rauf made his debut for Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League season played in the UAE and his fourth match in the league, he hit 150 km/h.

Haris Rauf’s journey of success in white ball cricket continues, he has so far taken 83 wickets in 62 international T20 matches and 53 wickets in 28 ODI matches. After hard work and continuous efforts, he is playing his first ODI format Cricket World Cup in India for the first time.

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