Pakistani actresses were not respected in India, Bushra Ansari

Pakistani actresses were not respected in India, Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari said that Pakistani actresses were not respected in India. Legendary actress, singer, and writer Bushra Ansari has claimed that she was told by a playwright friend from India that some Pakistani actresses who come to work in India are not respected there, they are not considered good.
Bushra Ansari recently participated in the comedy show ‘Had Kurdi’, where she spoke openly about showbiz and other issues.

He said that she became a star at the age of just 9 years and became famous all over Pakistan. According to her, at that time she used to sing in a children’s program on Pakistan Television (PTV), and in 1967 she was getting Rs.20 as remuneration for her work from PTV.

Bushra Ansari said that soon he became famous and his salary also increased from 20 rupees to 90 rupees, but his mother used to take all the money from him. In response to a question, she said that she did films when she became a mother of two children, before that she had never even seen a film studio.

He said that he used to get offers in films in his youth and now he doesn’t usually get offers. Bushra Ansari said that there is no competitor of the late Moin Akhtar and Umar Sharif in comedy in Pakistan, to date there is no personality like them.

Speaking at the program, the senior actress said that she had released an album of songs in 1992 as a boy, which also had videos that became very popular. She said that she is the first female rapper in Pakistan and she released a rapping album called ‘It’s My Life’ in 1992 but in it, she disguised herself as a boy.

According to Bushra Ansari, her father was a good writer, singer, and journalist and all members of her family are educated, her sisters are also writers. He said that his family has been given four civil awards by the government of Pakistan, out of which one has been given to his father, two to his sister, and one to him.

He said that apart from singing and acting, she works as a writer, besides writing books, she has written 11 drama serials and 50 short plays. Bushra Ansari told a question that a few years ago she was offered a role by Yash Raj Films in a film with Akshay Kumar, where she was to play the role of the Bollywood actor’s mother.

He said that Sawira Nadeem was also cast along with him but then the Pulwama attack happened and the said project remained incomplete. Speaking in the program, Bushra Ansari said that an Indian writer friend of hers told her one thing about the Pakistani actors working in India some actors are not considered good there, they are not respected there.

According to the senior actress, her friend told her that Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Mahira Khan, and Atif Aslam are highly respected in India, but some actresses are not considered good there. He said that two or four actresses from Pakistan had gone to India to work on their own, about which his friend told him that they were not respected there.

He refrained from naming the actresses and also said that some actors along with the actresses were not respected there, who went to work there on their own and returned on their own. According to Bushra Ansari, personalities like Mehdi Hasan, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are not only respected in India, but their pictures are also highly respected.

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