Film offered are coming from India and not from Pakistan, Saud Qasmi

Film offered are coming from India and not from Pakistan, Saud Qasmi

Saud Qasmi, a famous actor in the Pakistani showbiz industry, who has acted in big films like Jannat Ki Taalha, Salakhin, Chor Machoy Shoor, and Taap, has revealed that even today he is offered film from the neighboring country of India.

Recently actor Saud participated in a private TV show along with his wife and actress. He answered many questions related to professional and private life boldly. At the same time, the anchor asked him the question do you intend to act in film again?

On hearing this question, Saud revealed with a smile that why not GG, but first do all the films and then I will do it. Moreover, I have been offered many times for films by many big directors from India till date.

The proof of this is that last year, an offer was received even while sitting with Pakistani actor Ali Rehman. But I don’t know why I am not being offered film in Pakistan, on which my wife laughingly said that those who spend money on these films think that we should not be the heroes.

Apart from this, during the discussion on the topic of films, Saud got lost in the memories of the past, and while revealing a big secret related to his life, he said I did the first film Sin only to be able to tell my children that Look, your father was also a hero.

But this film became a hit by chance and I went back abroad, so when I returned home after 2 years, I had the intention of opening a wonderful mall but following the advice of some friends, I entered the film world officially. gave

Explaining his point, senior actor Saud said that best friends told him that people long to become an actor and why he was leaving this line after becoming famous, listen to us and work in this field.

It should be noted that after the decline of the Pakistani film industry, Saud turned to the drama industry and here too, with his hard work, he soon achieved the same position that he had in films.

He has so far shown the essence of acting in several dramas like Baby Baaji, Jeena Sukha Do Usa, Yeh Zindagi Hai, and Mohabbat Zindagi Hai.

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