In the era of inflation, everyone in the country is fighting for their survival, Hajra Yamin

In the era of inflation, everyone in the country is fighting for their survival, Hajra Yamin

Hajra Yameen has said that in this era of inflation, every person of the country is fighting for their survival. Well-known actress Hajra Yamin has said that despite the back-breaking inflation, people do not go out to protest because everyone is fighting for their survival.

Hajra Yamin recently participated in the ‘Gap Shab’ talk show, where she spoke openly about the country’s situation including showbiz, and told which country’s situation has worsened due to inflation.

The actress said that a few days ago, she was returning late at night from the shooting of the drama and found the streets deserted. He said that after seeing the empty roads due to the rise in petrol prices, he felt a sense of silence that something untoward would happen there soon.

According to Hajra Yamin, due to the increase in petrol prices, fear, despair, and helplessness appeared on the faces of the people and they felt as if something was going to go wrong.

Talking about the country’s situation and inflation, the actress said that instead of acknowledging the current situation, all the coming rulers deny and claim that there are no such bad conditions.

According to Hajra Yamin, due to rising inflation, there is a sense of fear on the roads, all the time everyone feels that something will go wrong. He further said that people say that if people stop buying petrol for just one day as a protest, then everyone will know, but in reality, this can never happen.

Hajra Yamin argued that at present every citizen of the country is fighting for his survival, he only cares about himself, so grouping or protest cannot be done in such a situation. The actress said that since then, the most difficult time is for the new generation, because the opportunities for them to get the best education are disappearing, investments are moving abroad and our currency is depreciating like this. No one can educate their children abroad.

Hajra Yamin also spoke on the country’s tax system and said that a 27 percent tax is charged as a penalty to non-taxpayers, while such people need to be given information and education on why it is important to be a tax filer. Is.

The actress also said that when showbiz personalities or other high-class people share pictures of their food after talking about rising petrol prices and inflation, they are ridiculed for indulging in such extravagances and talking about inflation. Giving a lecture.

According to Hajra Yamin, the Pakistani nation has not yet been freed from the slave mindset and thinking, inflation and rising prices are affecting everyone, everyone seems to be fighting for their survival, and no one is ready to protest in the form of a group.

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