I don’t intend to marry a tall boy when I do, Sehar Khan

I don't intend to marry a tall boy when I do, Sehar Khan

Popular actress Sahar Khan said about her marriage that she has no intention yet, but whenever she does, she will marry a tall boy. Apart from ‘Fairy Tale’, Sahar Khan has acted in several popular dramas and is also well known for his negative roles.

He is also liked in negative roles, however, he has played several positive roles as well. Recently, she participated in the comedy show ‘Mazaq Raat’, where she opened up about showbiz and other issues and said that she doesn’t pay attention to the criticism of herself on social media.

The actress said that every showbiz personality has more people who love them and express their love and affection towards them on social media while critics are only a handful, so they don’t pay attention to the comments of such people.

In response to a question, Sahar Khan said that earlier he did not believe in jinn, etc. but once he was sitting with his friend at his house, and he told him that Baba Ji was coming to his house. Made fun of.
According to the actress, she joked with the friend and said that she would stop here and see who Babaji was and how he came.

Sahar Khan said that she was sitting with her friend when the closed window of the room started ringing loudly and because of fear she also started shaking and because of fear she did not even remember any Quranic verse.

The actress said that after the above incident, she has also started believing in giants and now she takes such matters seriously. Speaking in the program, Sahar Khan said that currently he has no intention of getting married, nor has he thought about it.

The actress said that there is still a lot to think about and do and secondly, she has not found the prince of her dreams yet, so she has no plans to get married at the moment. Sahar Khan added that but she is serious about the height of boys, she will marry a tall boy whenever she gets married.

He said that he would try to have his future spouse be 6 feet tall or a little shorter. According to Sahar Khan, every girl should marry a boy who respects his family, because such boys respect their wife’s family too.

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