Asim Mehmood great entry in ‘Tere Bin’

Asim Mehmood as farukh Khan

Asim Mehmood, the emerging actor in the Pakistan showbiz industry, made a great entry in Pakistan’s blockbuster and rating-record-breaking drama ‘Tere Bin’.
Actor Asim Mehmood appeared in a scene with Merib (Yemeni Zaidi) in the popular drama Tere Bin, this unique look of the actor was well-liked by the fans.

Asim Mehmood Pakistani Drama Actor
From Asim Mehmood Instagram:

In this drama, Asim Mehmood has made a great entry by playing the role of a Pathan bus conductor. When Mirb leaves home alone at night, Asim Mahmood meets Mirb as a bus conductor in Hyd Rabad, who meets Mirb as Hyder. He helps Mireb to go from Abad to Karachi. When she gets on the bus, she has no money, so she gives her chain to Asim Mahmood in exchange for the fare, which he keeps and Mireb goes to Karachi. Let’s leave.

Asim Mehmood as Farukh Khan in Tere Bin:

Asim liked the role so much that he uploaded some pictures of himself as a bus conductor on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram, along with his famous voice.
He had written that ‘Tere bin Mein Asim Mahmood in the role of Farrukh Khan. Come on Lala… A new rider has arrived….’
After this, Asim alias Farrukh shared another picture in which he recalled the scene of helping Mirb again and wrote, ‘When Farrukh Khan met Mirb again’. Mireb is running away for her life after being raided.

When Farukh Khan Meets Meerb Again:

However, this style of the actor went well with the users and there was a line of interesting comments from their side. One user wrote that ‘Merib’s chain was sold and bought a rickshaw, still he was asking for money to leave Merib home. No shame. Didn’t you come?’
Another user said, “Return the chain of Merib.” While some people liked his role a lot and said that ‘Great performance, you should be the hero of Yemeni in the next drama, you look good with Yemeni.

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