Ahsan Khan ‘British Asian’ Viral Clip Reality

Ahsan Khan

Popular actor and host Ahsan Khan told the truth about his viral old interview video clip ‘British Asian’ in April 2022, saying that he is truly a British Asian actor.

He was criticized for his above-mentioned video going viral, however, he entertained the fans by making his video again on the same viral clip.
Now speaking further in this regard, he has clarified that he was born in the British capital London and spent some years of his life there.
Ahsan Khan participated in Sama TV’s show ‘Had Kurdi’, where he spoke candidly about the viral clip of ‘British Asian’ and other issues.

Had Kar Di Show:

In response to a question, he revealed that his wife Fatima’s great-grandfather and his great-grandfather were friends and both were neighbors in Lahore, the capital of Punjab.
He said that he and his wife’s family had an old friendship, due to which they also became friends and then they got married.
Talking about his childhood memories, the actor admitted that when he was a student in class 6, he had written a love letter to a classmate, which was caught by another girl sitting next to him and shown to everyone. Discredited.
He smiled and said that he did not remember exactly but he had not written anything wrong in the letter.
In response to another question, Ahsan Khan said that his brother Yasir Khan is his twin and both of them look alike.
He said that his brothers were mischievous and were always punished for their mischief, people did not recognize the two brothers and everyone mistook them for mischief while it was his brother who did the mischief.
Talking about the viral clip of ‘British Asian’ in the program, he said that there was nothing wrong with it, he is a British Asian actor, as he has also worked in the UK.
He said that he came to Pakistan at the age of 9 after being born and spent his childhood in London, but in the year 2000, his family moved to Britain again and they asked him to come along, but he did not go.
He said that till then he had started acting even before he got his bachelor’s degree but then he went to the UK for three years after the year 2000.

Ahsan Khan
From Ahsan Khan Instagram:
From Ahsan Khan Instagram:

According to Ahsan Khan, when he went to Britain, another dramatist, including Nadeem Baig, offered him to work in Pakistani dramas there, and after the above two dramas aired in Pakistan, he was offered work in more dramas and films. He returned to Pakistan from London.
He said that after returning from London again, he never thought of going there again.
Ahsan Khan smiled and said that his ‘British Asian’ remark was taken out of his long interview and went viral, and when he saw people expressing anger over it, he parodied it with children. Entertained the fans by making the video.

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