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Anwar Maqsood With Bilal Maqsood

The video of Anwar Maqsood and Bilal Maqsood’s interesting conversation went viral. Pakistani famous singer Bilal Maqsood drew the attention of fans by sharing a video based on an interesting conversation with his father and famous writer, intellectual, and humorist Anwar Maqsood.
On the occasion of Father’s Day, when almost all the famous personalities shared pictures and videos with their father, the video released by Bilal Maqsood was liked by social media users.

Anwar Maqsood With His son Bilal Maqsood
From Anwar Maqsood Instagram:

Bilal Maqsood shared this video titled ‘Abu and Technology’ in which Anwar Maqsood can be seen painting colorfully on a canvas. ’ to which he says, ‘Perhaps it was five o’clock.’
After that, Bilal shows the mobile phone placed at the same level as his father in the video and inquires ‘When are they changing the mobile phone?’, to which Anwar Maqsood says ‘I will do it soon’.
It can be seen in the above video that Anwar Maqsood’s mobile is not a smartphone but a small old keypad mobile.

In this video, we can hear an interesting conversation between the two artists regarding the mobile phone, in which Anwar Maqsood expresses his intention to buy a smaller mobile phone and then tells Bilal Maqsood that he bought a mobile phone in America and it is good. , it has a sim in it, saying that he shows his second mobile to Bilal Maqsood which is a ‘Flip mobile set’.
The singer looks at the mobile and says that it will not work anymore, but Anwar Maqsood shows the call from his American mobile to his other mobile and then tells that the time is also visible on this mobile.
Bilal Maqsood hears this and tells his father that ‘Abba time comes on every mobile’. Anwar Maqsood says that ‘No, it doesn’t come on this old mobile’. Both the dates are wrong, the date on the mobile is 28th March 2018 while the time is showing as 4:07 PM.
Bilal Maqsood tells the father that ‘Abba, you have not done the setting, that’s why it is showing the wrong date and time, Abba, don’t you become a little technical.’
This fun conversation between the two artists went down well with Instagram users and they flooded the comment section with loving sentences.
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