Sahir Ali Baga said that singing is the priority for films

Sahir Ali Baga

Renowned musician and singer Sahir Ali Baga has said that he likes composing songs for movies more than music concerts and plays and his top priority is composing songs for cinema.
Sahir Ali Baga recently gave an interview to the German broadcaster ‘Deutsche Welle (DW), in which he said that he enjoys composing music more than singing.According to the composer, he enjoys composing the music and lyrics and after composing the lyrics, he decides which singer can sing his music well.

Sahir Ali Baga standing in the crowd waving the Pakistani flag
From Sahir Ali Baga Instagram:

He said that after preparing the music, he decides which singer he should give his lyrics to, without distinguishing between a big or a small singer.
According to Sahir Ali Baga, he works hard to prepare the lyrics but after that, he never imagines for a moment that he should sing the said song himself.
Answering a question, he said that he enjoys working with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan the most, as he does full justice to the lyrics he composes.
He said that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, despite being such a great singer, does not make any changes in the prepared lyrics of his own accord and if he feels the need to change something, he consults the composer.
Regarding the preparation of the well-known national song ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, Sahir Ali Baga said that before he prepared the song in 2019, Pakistan had a great success, due to which his heart was very happy and In his passion, he made the song ‘Pakistan Zindabad’

He mentioned the arrest of Indian pilot Abhinandan who entered Pakistani territory on February 27, 2019, by Pakistan Air Force and said that it was a great success for Pakistan and everyone including him was happy at that time.
According to the singer, when he was asked to make a song after the arrest of the Indian pilot, he only thought that what were the first words on people’s lips when Pakistan was formed?
Sahir Ali Baga said that immediately after the formation of Pakistan, people shouted slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and he made a song with the same words, which people liked very much.
In response to a question, the musician said that his father tells him that in the past in Pakistan, 4 films were shown in cinemas every Friday, and about 28 films were shown in cinemas in a month, but now only two films are shown in a year. are made
He said that he wants Pakistan’s film industry to regain its heyday, so his priority is to compose songs for films rather than dramas or music concerts.
According to Sahir Ali Baga, in the past, 28 films were made in a month and each film had 6 songs, so at that time songs were also made, due to which musicians and singers were also born, but this is not the case now.
He said that now where films are made less, songs are also made less and now the chances of songs becoming successful are also less.

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