Adeel Afzal alarming revelation about the ‘Peer Baba’ of Pakistani celebrities

Adeel Afzal alarming revelation about the 'Peer Baba' of Pakistani celebrities

Pakistani actor Adeel Afzal made a shocking revelation about the ‘Peer Baba’ of Pakistani celebrities.Adeel Afzal has acted in popular Pakistani dramas like Parizaad and Jhok Sarkar.

Actor and poet Adeel Afzal revealed the alarming presence of ‘Peer Baba’ in the Pakistani showbiz Celebrities and also told the surprising incident of his meeting with ‘Baba’ at a celebrity’s house.

Actor Adeel Afzal, who showed the essence of his acting in the drama ‘Prizaad’ and ‘Sing-e-Mah’, said in a podcast that there was a celebrity from Pakistan who went to his house where a ‘Babaji’ was present. He said ‘Say Ram Ram’, but I didn’t say Ram Ram despite his three attempts, instead I said ‘Aslam Alaikum’ in response.

Adeel Afzal said that he realized that this was the one who needed to be preached, so he took my hand and made me sit next to him and told me stories of Sufism, spirituality, and history all night long, but the stories of history. All were wrong.’

He said ‘Babies are often looking for someone to pledge allegiance to them, but I also sat silent all night, on which they got tired and finally said that if you are the son of a generous father. So you will say something today.’

Adeel said ‘on this talk of Baba, I asked him that it must have taken you more than twenty years to learn all these things that you have told me, so you give me that much time, why do you give me a Everyone wants to teach at night. He said that ‘Babaji’ became silent after hearing my words and after that he did not say anything.

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