A very interesting story of Samina Pirzada marriage

Samina Pirzada

This Story of Samina Pirzada Marriage. Actress Samina Pirzada was born on August 9, 1955, in Pakistan Loveley City Lahore. He is a very reliable personality in Pakistan showbiz. The slow mood of Samina Pirzada is a work in every field of art to her credit. He matriculated from PECHS School, Karachi, and later he graduated from the Government College of Commerce and Economics, Karachi. After that, he thought of making a name in the world of showbiz. Thus, after working in theatre, TV, and films, Samina Pirzada entered the field of film production and direction.
The story of Samina Pirzada marriage is very interesting. Samina Pirzada had gone to celebrate the summer holidays at her maternal uncle’s house. At that time the TV drama “Doosra Aadmi” was on air. Usman Pirzada became a star at that time. Samina was in her second year at that time. When Samina Pirzada met Usman Pirzada, she liked him and she showed her liking to Usman Pirzada. He got married to Usman Pirzada on 23 January 1974 in Karachi and then left on 14 February 1975. It can be said that they married of choice. Samina Pirzada did not work on TV for six years after her marriage. Samina Pirzada formally entered showbiz in 1982.
Samina Pirzada does not shy away from praising Usman, she is seen repeatedly saying that Usman Pirzada has a big hand in making her career. Both have been married for 45 years and their relationship is getting stronger with each passing day. Samina Pirzada was childless for 12 years after her marriage. After that, God blessed them with two daughters. His daughters’ names are Anam and Amal. According to Samina Pirzada, the marriage bond needs to be renewed every ten years. A foodie, Samina Pirzada loves pulao, biryani, dal mash, kofte, and tender.

Samina Pirzada With Usman Pirzada
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Samina has a long list of films and TV dramas. Samina Pirzada worked with actor Javed Sheikh in the film Shaadi Mere Shohar Ki (1986). Samina Pirzada played the lead role in this film. Some of the famous films of Samina Pirzada include “Mukhra”, “Bazar Hasan” (1988), “Bilandi” (1990), “Nazdekiyan” (1991), “Pabandi” (1992), “Khwahish” (1993), “Zargal” ((1997), and others are included. Among his famous plays are “Daria” (1983), “Anna” (1984), and “Yellow Afternoon”. (1995), “Wafa Ke Mosam” (2001), “Sheshe Ka Mahal” (2002), A Little Love (2004), “Tere Ajaane Se,” “Dil Diya Dehleez” (2006) ) “Meri Zaat Zarra Bayshan”, “Noorpur Ki Rani”, “Thori Dur Saath Chalo”, “Love Who Stopped”, “Dil Ki Dehleesh Par”, (2009), “Daastan” (2010), “Mera Naseeb” (2011), “Darshawar”, “Shehr Jaat”, “Roshan Satara”, “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” (2012), “Rasam Dunya” (2017) and others are included.
Samina Pirzada also worked in telefilms. His famous telefilms include “Climax” (2009), “Band Baj Gaya” (2010), “Lunch with Lubna” (2012), “Zindagi Abhi Mushkil Hai”, ” Lines”, ‘Chood Babal Ka Ghar’ (2013) and the musical telefilm ‘Noor’ (2017). He won the hearts of people not only on television and film screens but also in theater plays by giving mesmerizing performances. His famous theater plays include “Raaz Wa Niaz” and “Garia Ghar” etc.
After showing his acting chops in TV, theater, and films, he decided to turn to directing. He made the movie “Zargal” in 1997. She calls her production film “Zargal” a successful film as the film has been screened in many international film festivals so far. In this film, she played the role of Nawab’s wife very well. After that, he made the movie “Antha” in 1999. The third film under his direction was “Sharrat”, which he made in 2003. Samina Pirzada’s film “Antha” won 9 National Awards. In 2013, he was also honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Mango Film Festival in Bradford. She also played a supporting role in the Hollywood film “The Valley”. Among the recent films, Samina also played a supporting role in “Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi” and “Motorcycle Girl”.
Samina Pirzada and Usman Pirzada worked together on a program on Pakistan’s state television “Sunday Lounge”. The program was well received. Her favorite drama is “Kath Patli” and her favorite movie is Zaiba, Waheed Murad’s “Arman”, which she has seen many times. Samina Pirzada says that directors Syed Noor, Usman Pirzada and Shoaib Mansoor have made films on social issues, and these films have also been liked by people, so now only the film which is based on the problems and conditions of society will get success. And it will be standard.
Samina Pirzada says that she has always learned something from people. She admits this openly and says it publicly. They do not depend on others while doing any work but prefer to do everything by themselves. Samina Pirzada is a firm believer in punctuality and often her fellow artists who work with her learn from her habit and give her an example. Samina Pirzada was interested in becoming an actor from the age of four. She has repeatedly said that her life is like an open book. They do not hide anything. Words like jealousy and rivalry do not exist in their dictionary. Actress Samina Pirzada does not remember to celebrate her birthday, she has to be reminded of her birthday. Samina Pirzada has spent her life working side by side with men.
Whenever Samina Pirzada is spoken to, she says that a person can do everything. You don’t know how deep the water is until you stand in it. Just like you cannot judge the waves of the sea by sitting outside, so one should not be afraid before doing any work. Perhaps that is why she seems to be more active in highlighting women’s rights and their equal importance in society.
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