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From Iraq to Pakistan and from Mexico to Morocco, Korean dramas have set popularity records in every region of the world. Seeing people’s immense interest in Korean dramas and series, Netflix also announced an investment of two and a half billion dollars in South Korea.
In recent years, Korean dramas presented with English-language subtitles have begun to gain new audiences, and the numbers are steadily increasing.
The most popular Korean series ‘Squid Game’ released in 2021 has also become the most popular series on Netflix so far. Not only this but even after almost 2 years of the release of another popular Korean series, Vincenzo, which is internationally acclaimed, Pakistan is included in the list of top 10 TV shows on Netflix.

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Not limited to Korean drama net flicks but Korean dramas are now being aired with Urdu dubbing on Urdu One and LTN Family Channel. But what is the secret behind the popularity of Korean dramas, what is so special about Korean content becoming super hits around the world, and what is their future?
The short answer, Al Jazeera reports, is that the best Korean drama has a complex but compelling script. Experts say that apart from being of high quality, Korean dramas are also cleverly written with scripts that are geographically based, especially with female protagonists.
Korean culture expert and assistant professor Aryum Jeong said that there is no special formula for the popularity of Korean dramas, but social issues are uniquely presented in them. Apart from that, the acting is excellent. Another advantage is the accessible platform where TV shows are watched by millions of viewers.
On the other hand, Gee Wook Shin, director of the Korea Program at Stanford University, said, “I think the content of these dramas is ‘just good’, the writers can present the story in the best way and the audience is captivated by these stories.” .’
He said that the stories of most Korean dramas have a message for people around the world. Despite the inclusion of elements of Korean culture and society in these dramas, they are watched with great interest by audiences worldwide.
For example, the sensational series Squid Game depicts socioeconomic inequality and the struggle to outdo each other for resources, highlighting the impact of powerful people of different races and genders, not just in South Korea. But also included in other parts of the world. Producers and directors present stories in Korean dramas and movies in such a way that one can feel the emotion of the actor and the intensity of the story without facing the language barrier.
For example, the 2020 film Parasite became a big-screen success and overnight boosted the popularity of Korean dramas that focus on issues of inequality, poverty, and class struggle. was done As reported by Al Jazeera, the stories of Korean dramas are sometimes very unique.
You can never predict when the story will turn. Korean productions are always trying new things to create hit dramas. Another reason for the popularity of Korean dramas is the romantic comedy that is not seen in American series.
Romance stories are also very popular globally as Korean stories mostly revolve around women while Hollywood films tend to favor male characters. This is not too surprising since the Korean drama industry has a large number of female scriptwriters who team up for programs based on a variety of styles and genres. By some estimates, women make up about 90 percent of screenwriters in Korea and the film industry, while in the United States, by contrast, women make up only 27 percent of all directors, writers, producers, and other production staff on network programs. available.
Another reason for the popularity of Korean dramas is that some dramas have stories that are contrary to reality, which is fun to watch. These dramas beautifully depict the smallest details that you wouldn’t normally see in an American series.
It should be noted that Ted Sarandos, the co-founder of the American streaming company Netflix, announced that he will invest 2 billion 500 million dollars for Korean content on Netflix in the next 4 years, which is the largest investment by Netflix in South Korea so far. The largest amount of money spent on the content of
The co-founder of the company said that the stories of South Korean dramas and movies are famous all over the world. According to one estimate, more than 60 percent of Netflix’s 233 million users worldwide watch South Korean movies, dramas, and reality shows.
It is also worth mentioning here that not only Netflix wants to benefit from South Korean content, but also Disney Plus, Apple TV, and Asia’s View TV are also investing in South Korea.
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