Yasir Hussain is 11 years older, Iqra Aziz

Yasir Hussain is 11 years older, Iqra Aziz

Popular actress Iqra Aziz has admitted that her husband is 11 years older than her and she learned a lot by marrying someone older than her. The two actors got married in December 2019 after being in a relationship for some time and had their first son Kabir Hussain in July 2021.

After the marriage, the two were also criticized for their age difference and Yasir Hussain has already said that he is older than his wife. Now an old video of Iqra Aziz is going viral, in which she is heard telling that she is 11 years younger than her husband.

The short video of the actress that went viral is from an interview she gave a year ago, in which she talked about marriage, motherhood and showbiz career. He had told in the above interview that he was fond of getting married early from his childhood and similarly he was fond of having children.

She had said that she has been playing and living with children since childhood, so she was also fond of having children and she mingles with any unknown child in such a way that the child does not even realize it. That he is with another woman. In the said interview, she also praised her husband and also told about the advantages of marrying a man who is older than herself.

In the viral clip of the same interview, Iqra Aziz admitted that her husband is not 10 but 11 years older than her and she got to learn a lot by marrying him. He described the advantages of marrying an older person, saying that such persons have more experience, they have a better understanding of life and the world, so they can guide in various issues.

Iqra Aziz said that due to the age of her husband, she takes many advices from him, which is beneficial to her and everyone should marry a man who is older than himself.

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