Not convinced of a second marriage, Ishq can be done in many ways, Nayyar Ejaz

Not convinced of a second marriage, Ishq can be done in many ways, Nayyar Ejaz

Senior actor Nayyar Ejaz has said that he is not convinced of a second marriage, his wife is very helpful, her service and love are the only things that do not allow him to move here and there, but love can be done a lot. The senior actor recently appeared on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast, where he opened up about showbiz and other issues and also revealed that he had a love affair with another woman at the start of his career in his youth.

The actor said that he was born in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, but he moved to Quetta, the capital of Balochistan at an early age, and there he studied up to MA. In response to a question, he said that he got an opportunity to act at the time of matriculation and till then he had no knowledge about acting.

He said that during an event in Quetta, the director Tariq Meraj heard his voice and offered him a job and he did his first drama along with senior actors. According to Nayyar Ejaz, his first earnings in showbiz were Rs 425, which was huge at that time. He also revealed that he also worked as a civil servant in a federal government department for 9 years before making a name for himself in acting.

Nayyar Ejaz said that he was the tenth among 11 siblings and his family was very poor, his father raised all the children alone.In response to a question, the senior actor revealed that he had three sons but all the children died within a few days. According to Nayyar Ejaz, his three sons could not survive due to various medical complications and problems, One son died in his mother’s womb and now he has adopted his niece.

When asked about a second marriage for children, the senior actor said that he is not convinced of a second marriage, he believes that there should be only one marriage, but love can be many. While praising his wife, he said that his mother had arranged his marriage and his mother had said that she would find him a bride who would never cause him any pain.

According to Nayyar Ejaz, his wife serves him a lot, gives him a lot of love and his love and service does not let him go anywhere else and now his wife is also convinced that he never brings another woman home. will The senior actor also disclosed about his first love and said that in his youth he fell in love with a girl but due to his father’s illness he left the said girl and when he returned after a few years, the girl was a mother of two children. and their love had ended there.

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