World premiere of Sajal and Wahaj Ali’s new web series ‘The Pink Shirt’ in Sydney

World premiere of Sajal and Wahaj Ali's new web series 'The Pink Shirt' in Sydney

Pakistani actress Sajal Ali and actor Wahaj Ali‘s web series ‘The Pink Shirt’, made for Indian video streaming platform Z5, will premiere at the South West Film Festival in Sydney.

The 8-episode web series will have its world premiere at the South West Film Festival Sydney 2023 on October 16 at the Palace Central Cinema, Deadline reports.

The web series stars Sajal Ali as Sofia and Wahaj Ali as Omar, both actors will play the lead roles.
The story of the web series revolves around Umar and Sofia, which shows that initially the two do not like each other but end up liking each other.

While getting rid of the painful memories of her strict husband (Sameer), Sofia unexpectedly meets a young businessman named Umar. On the other hand, Umar also doesn’t want to marry his fiancee Sara, Umar and Sofia’s problems and troubles in their lives bring them closer and thus their romantic story begins.

The story includes several incidents related to Omar and Sofia which also create cracks in their relationship, relationship problems, and romance, apart from the comedy element. ‘The Pink Shirt’ is a web series created by Bharti Entertainment Platform Zindagi, the only South Asian series to be selected for the South West Film Festival Sydney 2023.

Sajal Ali is likely to attend the festival along with director Kashif Nisar, writer B Gill, and producer Shilja Kejriwal. Talking about his web series, Sajal Ali said, “Working in The Shirt was great, I got to see the problems and complexities in human relationships from a closer look which I didn’t expect.”

Playing the role in ‘The Pink Shirt’ has been a major challenge, the story required us to explore our emotions and vulnerabilities, which has honed my skills as an actor,” he added. Sajal Ali also shared a glimpse of her role in the web series on her Instagram account, in which the actress can be seen dancing.

Earlier, the poster of the web series was also shared by Applas Entertainment.

Earlier, the Pakistani web series ‘Farar’, made for the Indian video streaming platform, premiered on 23 September 2023 at the 14th annual Chicago South Asian Film Festival.
Pakistani actress Sarwat Geelani also played the lead role in this series.

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