While shooting the wedding scenes in Mayi Ri’s parents came along with relatives, Samar Jaffrey

While shooting the wedding scenes in Mayi Ri's parents came along with relatives, Samar Jaffrey

Samar Jaffrey, who played the role of a young bride Fakhir in the drama Mayi Ri, which is based on the theme of early marriage, has revealed that while shooting the wedding scenes in the drama, his parents came to the set along with their relatives.

In Mayi Ri Samar Jaffrey’s young bride was played by Aina Asif and both of them were also shown becoming parents at a young age in the drama. His role in the drama was highly praised, as well as criticized.

Recently, Samar Jaffrey spoke to ‘Independent Urdu‘ about his future including drama. He said that soon he will also release his music album as a singer, in the videos of which he will be the hero.

He said that he was fond of singing since his childhood but by chance, he first got an opportunity to act in 2012 and then in 2018 he officially started singing as well. According to him, he will try to work in a script like Mayi Ri or better, now he cannot work in a drama with a less good script.

According to Samar Jafri, people’s criticism of the play Mayi Ri shows that people are watching his play carefully. He said that he or the story of the play is being criticized unnecessarily, the answer to every question and criticism of the people is there in the story and scenes of the play.

He did not agree that early marriage was better portrayed in Mayi Ri. According to Samar Jafri, Mayi Ri shows the pros and cons of early marriage and also shows that there should be no forced or uncoordinated marriage.

In response to a question, he said that he wished to see Mahira Khan in the videos of his upcoming music album. He said that if Mahira Khan appears in his videos, his videos will take four months. He said that he was not in a position to request Mahira Khan to work with him on his video.

He praised Mahira Khan’s acting and personality wished her well on her marriage and prayed that God bless her. When asked about his marriage, he said that he has no such intention at present, and neither does he believe in early marriage.

Samar Jaffrey revealed that when his and Aina Asif’s wedding scenes were being recorded during the shooting of the drama ‘My Re’, his father brought all his friends and relatives to the set.

According to him, his father kept complaining to everyone on the wedding set that he was not invited by his son to his wedding. According to Samar Jafri, his mother took photos and videos with his bride Aina Asif her as if they were getting married in reality.

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