Sadia Imam claim to talk to jin

Sadia Imam claim to talk to jin

Senior actress Sadia Imam has claim that she is not afraid of jin but even talks to them and sometimes even advises them to watch TV with her. Sadia Imam recently participated in Madeeha Naqvi’s morning show, where she, along with other guests, narrated her experiences claim to jin.

Sadia Imam said that jinn are a reality, they cannot be denied, even our elders used to tell us these things. According to him, in the past, elders used to say that when eating meat, leave some meat on the bone because it is someone else’s part. It was said to keep on.

He said that elderly people used to advise him to keep leftover meat or leftover food on the roof because they knew that anyone lived with them and that part belonged to them. Sadia Imam while narrating an incident of the shooting of the drama said that when she went to shoot in the state of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), giants attacked her early in the morning.

She claimed that she was sleeping when suddenly someone grabbed her legs, on which he recited Quranic verses and threw them at her with force, after which all the lights in the room started shaking and even the glass in the room. broke and they left their legs.

According to her, at the same time, she received a call from her mentor, who inquired about her well-being, when she received the call from the mentor, she was surprised at how did he know that this had happened to her?

Similarly, she claimed that she was brave from childhood, her parents never taught her to be afraid of giants, but they used to exhort her to be careful of them. According to her, she talks to the giants in her house, when she is sitting in the living room and hears voices from the kitchen, she tells them loudly that there is no ban on using the kitchen, but not to dirty it and to clean it. Care should be taken.

He said that sometimes when he woke up early in the morning, he saw the mess in the kitchen, which he asked the maid and she said that they did not make tea, you ask those you talk to. Sadia Imam claims that sometimes when she is watching TV, someone comes there, and she invites them to sit and watch TV serials together.

The actress said that some people even call her crazy for talking to them (Janaat) on her behalf. Similarly, she narrated an incident where in the past she went to a shooting location along with several actors, where everything suddenly started disappearing, after which she understood what was the matter.

Sadia Imam said that the next day she along with the late actor Manubhai bought sweets for them (Janaat) while coming to shoot at that place and came to the house and told them not to bother the actors, they should just go on shooting. will go, now they are asking permission to shoot in their house regularly.

According to the actress, when she and Manubhai spoke to the giants, the other people there called them crazy and started laughing at them. At the same time, Sadia Imam claimed that there was no problem after she sought permission from the giants to shoot, and then nothing went missing.

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