When the first film flopped, people came down to kill Javed Sheikh

When the first film flopped, people came down to kill Javed Sheikh

Yesteryear popular hero and renowned actor Javed Sheikh has revealed that his first film ‘Dhamaka‘ was such a bad flop that fans were looking for the cast of the film to kill them. Recently, Javed Sheikh participated in Sama TV’s show ‘Gap Shab’, where he once again opened up about his personal life and career.

He said that he was born in Rawalpindi and spent his childhood there, but his youth was spent in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province. According to him, he lived in a very narrow area in Karachi, it was a poor area but his name was such that people thought he lived in a bungalow.

He said that he lived in a two-room flat in Plaza Quarter in Karachi, where a total of 8 people lived with him. Javed Sheikh said that whenever someone asked him his residential address, he would proudly tell that it was ’18 Juul Mansion, Green Street, Plaza Square Karachi, Seven Five Double Zero’.

He said that when people heard the address of his residence, they thought that he lived in a palace, but in fact he lived in a small flat in a building in a narrow street. Answering a question during the program, he admitted that he enjoyed working with actress Neely the most.

Javed Sheikh said that he had worked with Babra Sharif, Shabnam and other actresses and all the actresses were good but he enjoyed working with Neeli more. A man who respects and obeys his wife is a sign of a good and loving man.

The actor said that his parents were very strict, they were against him acting but he kept acting secretly and after many years he got the role of the hero in his first film ‘Dhamaka’ in 1972 and his father was also happy. happened According to Javed Shaikh, but when his first film with Shabnam was released, it flopped badly, the film was a blast and the audience kept looking for the cast of the film to wash their hands of the actors if they were found anywhere.

According to him, after the failure of the first film, his father strictly forbade him that he would not act anymore, but nevertheless he continued to work secretly and after 10 years of the failure of the film, after the success of the drama ‘Unkahi’. Saved his life and got him fame and respect.

During the program, he also explained that Shah Rukh Khan gave him not one rupee but a lot of money for acting in ‘Om Shanti Om’. He said that he had asked him for one rupee but They were given more money than they thought.
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