I wish there was no divorce from the first wife, Javed Sheikh

I wish there was no divorce from the first wife, Javed Sheikh

Senior actor, producer, and director Javed Shaikh has said many years after the breakup of his first marriage that he wished he had not divorced and this had not happened to him. Javed Sheikh’s first marriage was to Zeenat Mungi when the actor was at the peak of his career.

The actor has two children from his first wife, actress Momal Sheikh, and actor Shehzad Sheikh, who have now become parents of children themselves. The second marriage ended in divorce.

The actor has spoken openly about his marriages and divorces in the past and recently he spoke about it again in a TV program. Javed Shaikh spoke about the failure of his first marriage on Sama TV’s morning show. He also expressed regret over the divorce.

During the program, the actor also opened up about his personal life and said that he was born in Rawalpindi and had a passion to become an actor as a child, so he even ran away from home to become an actor. According to him, he was barely 13 years old when he ran away from home, but he was lucky that before he could escape from Rawalpindi, his father caught him at the railway station and beat him up.

He said that later his father sent him to Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, where he received his education and training. He lived in the house of his father’s friends. According to Javed Shaikh, while living in Karachi, he auditioned for radio acting but failed 6 times, then after a few months he was given a short role in a play.

He said that after some time working in radio, he got an opportunity to act on TV at a young age and was first seen in a drama as a young tea boy for a short time. He advised the people who are interested in acting not to run away from home for this hobby but to talk to their family members and go out to make their career in a good way.

When asked about marriage and children in the program, Javed Shaikh claimed that he did not want a separation between him and his first wife, but they had to separate. According to him, due to separation from his wife and then divorce, he could not give his children their rights, which he regrets, but later he gave the children a good time.

He said that even though his house was broken, his children were brought up better and the credit goes to his children’s mother, Zeenat, who never took her children away from their father. Javed Shaikh added that he wished that his first marriage would not have ended in divorce and wished it hadn’t, he regretted and regretted it.

Although he said that it was not he but his first wife who had separated, he did not elaborate on the reasons for his wife’s separation.
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