When she asked for money for her mother’s treatment, she had to cry in front of people, Fiza Ali

When she asked for money for her mother's treatment, she had to cry in front of people, Fiza Ali

Former popular model, actress, and singer Fiza Ali expressed her anger and said that there was no money for her mother’s treatment. Fiza Ali participated in the comedy program Haad Kurdi where she complained that she was not paid for her work.

Fiza Ali spoke about the difficulties faced by not having money for her late mother’s treatment, saying that when her mother needed treatment, she was not paid. Fiza Ali said, “When my mother was sick, I was crying in front of people to give me my compensation, then I had to fix my flat after which I got my mother treated.”

He said ‘One of the reasons for working in TV serials is that my mother was a cancer patient and I needed money for her treatment. If you give it, I don’t have to sell my house.’ During the program, a question was asked from the audience ‘Why don’t you report the people with whom you sang the song if they didn’t pay you?’

Fiza Ali said, “I want to report but no one cared about me, I did not know that the people with whom I will sing will take advantage of me in this way.” Fiza Ali mentioned the name of singer Maliko and said ‘Malko Bhai also did not care about me, I sang many songs with him, but he has not paid me till today.’
Singer and model Fiza Ali got angry during this and said, “What is my fault, no one paid me, so I stopped singing for a year.”

He further said ‘Singer Sajjad Ali is like my brothers, he gave me a lot of respect in his house, and his wife and children also gave me a lot of love and respect.’ Fiza Ali said that when she went to Sajjad Ali’s house to meet him, people started spreading rumors that Fiza Ali had married Sajjad Ali and that his Begum had also accepted Fiza Ali and his daughter. It would have been very sad and sad to hear the rumors.’

It should be noted that in August 2021, rumors were circulating that Fiza Ali had married singer Sajjad Ali, later the actress expressed her anger at those who spread false news of marriage. Fiza Ali said that what do they get by spoiling the honor and life of others?

The actress expressed anger at those spreading false news and said that she was married or not. It is their problem, other people should stop talking about them and they should not play the role of aunties who arrange relationships.

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