What does Aina Asif think about marriage

What does Aina Asif think about marriage

Aina Asif said that some people present the concept of marriage so well that the heart wants to do it today. Actress Aina Asif, who plays the role of Aini in the recently launched drama ‘Mayi Re‘, says that some people portray marriage as a very bad thing, while others portray it so well that the heart would It should be done today.

Aina Asif played the role of a teenage girl named Aini in ‘My Re’, during which preparations are made for marriage. The story of ‘My Re’ revolves around the issue of child marriage and also stars Nauman Ejaz and Maria Wasti among other important actors.

Even before ‘My Re’, Aina Asif appeared as a child artist in dramas, but now she has played a unique role for the first time. Regarding the drama, she recently spoke to ‘Fuchsia Magazine’ and said that He was initially cast not for the said drama but for a web series but then he was cast in ‘My Re’.
He said that his parents told him before playing the role of ‘My Re’ that he should not do certain things and then he asked the drama team to remove the said things and he agreed.

According to him, he has played a unique role for the first time and he gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of the issues by playing the said role. Aina Asif said that some people in her family were married early at a young age, but she did not think about the above issue before working in the drama.

He said that since none of his friends got married at an early age, so he did not think the above-mentioned issue was so important, but after working in the drama, he realized why early marriage is wrong. He argued that as she is still young and studying in school and if she had been married at that age, she would not have been able to get an education, nor would she have been allowed to use a mobile phone or She could do everything she is doing today.

According to Aina Asif, earlier she did not pay attention to the problems of child marriage, but due to playing a role in the drama, she also researched the said problem and after knowing many things, she realized how big child marriage is. There is a problem. In response to a question, Aina Asif said that she is not against marriage but should not be married at a young age. If a girl or boy is 18 years old, they cannot be called a child but 14 or 16 years old. Aged people are children.

Aina Asif further said that some people in Pakistani society do such bad things about marriage that it is considered a bad thing while some people present the concept of marriage so well that the heart wants to get married tomorrow. According to them, such people should tell teenagers both the pros and cons of marriage.
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