John: A music-loving teenager’s journey from scoundrel to gangster

John: A music-loving teenager's journey from scoundrel to gangster

Born in a poor Christian family in Karachi, John dreams were different. The serious-minded Jun lives with his mother in a small house where he sings his heart out to guitar tunes.

After being fired from his job at the hospital, when he started working as a school sweeper, he noticed the school maid and fell in love with her.

In the case of Maria, her lonely life had brightened until the sudden death of her mother in an accident changed John life. Mom passed away and so did John school job.

In these difficult circumstances, there was only one person that Jon considered his sympathizer and that was David, whom he considered as his elder brother and mentor.

David not only puts a hand of compassion on John, alone in a crowded world, but also takes him to his home, but John does not know that David is not doing all this selflessly, but he has a purpose. And this is where June’s journey from scoundrel to gangster begins.

Within a few days, Jon becomes the right-hand man of ‘Dawood Bhai’ and assists him in his crimes. Along with the crime story, John love story also starts to grow. Dawood brothers are not in favor of his and Maria getting married because they know that John’s life will be useless after that.

Dawood Bhai’s apprehension turns out to be true and shortly after the wedding, when Maria leaves the house after seeing a pistol in his luggage, John life takes a new turn. Asher Wajahat is the son of director Wajahat Rauf, who made films like Karachi to Lahore, Lahore to Next, and Chhalawa. Earlier, he appeared in cameos in almost every film of his father, but this is his first film as a lead actor.

Asher Wajahat’s past characters had a glimpse of a rich kid she wasn’t here. It was disappointing that despite the good get-up, their expressions could not impress anything.

Asher Wajahat has certainly played the lead role in the film, but Saleem Meraj has left everyone behind by showing his fine art. Perhaps this is the reason why Salim Miraj dominates the entire film despite playing a supporting role.

The third important role of the film was that of Romesa Khan who appeared in the role of Maria. Romisa Khan’s body language and expression were perfect, but her conversation in a Punjabi accent seemed a bit contrived.

Another role was that of Fazal played by Raza Samu, which was unique but short. This role ends within the first 20 to 25 minutes, but even during this time, his expressions and humor did not seem to be Raza’s. It was the first movie.

The first thing in the film where you will see the excellent direction, and the second best thing is the dialogues which are few but lively. In one scene Dawood tells John after killing his partner Fazal for treason that ‘not every animal is domesticated’.

In one scene, when Dawood is teachingJohn to ride a motorcycle, he tells John, who is afraid of falling, that ‘broken teeth, cracked knees are the hallmarks of Karachi boys.’

Talking about the negative aspects of the film, the most important thing is that John character was not properly written in this film because despite being the main character, he could not dominate the supporting character Dawood or maybe if instead of Asher Wajahat for this role. Had any other actor been chosen, the matter would have been different.

There were some twists and turns in the movie like it was shown that John is fond of music, plays guitar, and writes songs but as the movie progresses, nothing more is seen in this regard so let’s say this scene was extra.

The chemistry between the two could have been made more interesting by paying a little attention to the characters of Asher and Romesa in the film.

Seeing the film’s execution, one can at least say that it was a good effort. The story of the film is written by Babar Ali and besides directing it, he is also the co-producer of the film.

Babar said in a conversation with Urdu News that ‘no film is perfect, but still we have tried to present something good in the resources and time we had.’

However, it can be said that the movie John gives a glimpse of the Bollywood crime series as seen in the recently released Madaari where new faces gave better performances with a low budget.
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