Gunah Drama Serial trailer has been released

Gunah Drama Serial trailer

Gunah Drama Serial trailer has been released. The story of the drama serial Gunah revolves around the dangerous game of love unacceptable to society and the society in which elements like deception, ego, coercion, violence, and suicide have given rise to thrill, suspense, action, and sentimentality in the drama.

In this 2-minute and 22-second trailer of the drama serial Gunah, renowned director and actor Sarmad Khost can be seen beautifully portraying the role of a respected and powerful person in the region.
Saba Qamar, Jagan Kazim, and Rabia Butt will show the essence of acting in the drama serial. Saba Qamar’s dialogue delivery and acting full of facial expressions have breathed life into the trailer. Jagan Kazim has also shown his skills well and Rabia Butt as a police inspector has done justice to her role.

Rabia Butt as a police inspector in the trailer of the drama serial Gunah

One of the characters in the story is a Sufi character. Love and Sufism go hand in hand. What is his role in this drama will be known only after watching the drama, but the complex situation that changes every moment of the story creates suspense that can keep the audience hooked till the last moment.

The trailer shows that a lot of effort has been put into the drama picturization. The production of this drama is commendable for the choice of location, cinematography, and visual beauty. Drama Serial Gunah will be very popular as you can guess from the trailer of this drama.

GUNAH | Official Trailer:

After watching the trailer, the fans are eagerly waiting for the drama. The drama serial Gunah is written by Mohsin Ali and directed by Adnan Sarwar while the drama will be aired on Thursday, June 8 at 8 PM on Express Entertainment. From the trailer of this drama, it can be guessed that this drama serial will be one of the most popular dramas of Sin Express Entertainment.

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