Top facts about the world’s biggest cruise ship Icon of the seas

top facts about the world's biggest cruise ship Icon of the seas

Icon of the Seas, a luxury ship five times bigger than Titanic, has been prepared. Icon of the Seas is a ship so large that it feels like an entire city floating on the water. It has its water park, 40 restaurants and bars inside the ship, and a 55-foot waterfall.

Icon of the Seas can accommodate up to 7,500 passengers at a time. The construction of this ship has cost 2 billion dollars, which is equal to the tranche of Pakistan’s IMF loan. Icon of the Seas has only undergone test trials so far and is already taking the world by storm. People are booking this ship in droves. So far, thousands of people from all over the world have bought tickets to become its first passengers.

Icon of the Seas is not only a huge ship, but also in terms of beauty, it has no example. The world’s largest ship also has a huge onboard park. A huge free-fall slide has also been built inside it, in which people can have a lot of fun. It also has a large mini golf course where people can indulge their golfing passion. It seems that this shipbuilding company has introduced all these state-of-the-art and technological facilities to attract the youth.

 world's biggest cruise ship Icon of the seas
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Before Icon of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship was Wonder of the Seas, but this ship has been built 10 feet longer. The length of this ship is about 1198 feet and its weight is more than 250000 tons. This Icon of the Seas ship is five times bigger than the Titanic. The weight of the Titanic was around 46000 tons, now you can guess how big this ship will be. Icon of the Seas has the largest hall with 8 Cabins where people can stay while there are more areas for entertainment.

Suppose you have left your shoes in the kitchen and gone to sleep, only to take your shoes back you have to take a special lift which will take you up three floors and take your shoes from there. will If you want to get to the Wallops bedroom, you can return in the same elevator or slide down a 35-foot-tall slide.

Icon of the Seas has 7 swimming pools and 6 water slides. Icon of the Seas is a 20-story ship with a crew of 2,300 people serving the people. 7600 people besides the crew can be accommodated inside this ship at a time. On the day this ship will start its journey in the sea, there will be around 10000 people inside this ship.

Icon of the Seas has been designed to be environmentally friendly as it runs on liquefied natural gas instead of diesel-like conventional ships, which will minimize pollution. Apart from this, there are 6 different fuel engines inside this aircraft. It can run on other fuels besides liquefied natural gas.

The engines of the Icon of the Seas are so powerful that they can generate 67,500 kilowatts of electricity. This ship is owned by the American company Royal Caribbean International. Icon of the Seas is manufactured in Finland. The Icon of the Seas ship is expected to enter service in early 2024. By the time it takes off for the first time carrying passengers, it will have cost $2 billion.

Icon of the Seas is fully built but sea trials are being conducted before her voyage. The first trial of this aircraft was conducted on 19th June 2023 which was completed by this aircraft. Currently, the final work of this ship is being completed.

You might be thinking that the taxi on such an expensive ship would also be very expensive. The company first offered its tickets for sale in October 2022 in this regard. At that time his ticket was kept at least four and a half lakhs. As soon as tickets were offered by the company, people jumped on it and started booking rampantly, due to which the ticket prices were increased further. Now the minimum ticket for this plane has reached four and a half lakhs and has increased to almost five and a half lakhs.

Icon of the Seas’ ship maiden voyage by the company will be from Miami, USA to the Western Caribbean and will be a seven-night voyage. The most expensive ticket for this plane will be around 32 lakh rupees which will be given only to East Class or Business Class passengers.
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