The song ‘Chand Mahiya’ was inspired by his fiance, Asim Azhar

The song 'Chand Mahiya' was inspired by his fiance, Asim Azhar

Singer Asim Azhar says that he wrote his recently released song ‘Chand Mahiya’ under the inspiration of his fiancee, while earlier he wrote all his happy songs for her too. Renowned singer Asim Azhar and actress and model Mireb got engaged in March 2022, the two had been rumored to be dating for several years after which they decided to tie the knot.

The singer recently released his new song ‘Chand Mahiya’ on YouTube which has been viewed by thousands of people so far. Asim Azhar recently gave an interview with journalist Maleeha Rehman where he talked in detail about his music career, marriage, and the importance of music in Pakistan.

The singer said 2 years ago I forgot to make music and enjoy it, I unknowingly gave in to pressure from people, and then there came a time when I thought I should change my outlook on life because I had no other option. Asim Azhar refused to elaborate on his philosophy of life, saying that he now makes songs for fun, “I don’t think much about people’s criticism and comments while releasing music.”

During the interview, Maleeha asked who was inspired by Song ‘Chand Mahiya’. To which Asim Azhar replied that when you are connected with a person’s life with positive thinking, it is not a secret that I am engaged, so while writing songs, I write a lot of things inspired by my partner. Asim Azhar said without mentioning Mirb’s name sometimes the heart wants to write about her and sometimes when I am writing a song, I suddenly think about her, and I write inspired by them.’

Asim Azhar said that there is no doubt that all my happy songs are written for Meereb, otherwise, it could be for anyone else then it will be a matter of tension, so there is no one other than Meereb who is inspired to write songs. I am Asim Azhar while talking to Mirab about marriage said that he enjoys adopting the family values ​​and culture, so I will give the same traditional answer that the parents will decide on the date of marriage.

Asim Azhar said that only my parents and Mirb’s parents will decide when the marriage will take place, in this regard, my and Mirb’s wishes are also included, and we think that it is blessed. He said that where there is one’s will, one should also have the consent of one’s parents, I think it brings blessings, so I will have to approach my parents regarding the marriage, when the date of the marriage will come, then everyone will know. will be done.

Apart from this, Asim Azhar also gave an interview to the YouTube channel Something Hot.
The singer replied ‘I can’t make a decision, so I take Merib’s opinion regarding the music video, his opinion is very beneficial.’

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