Indian politics has a role in preventing Pakistan from hosting the Asia Cup, Urwa Hussain

Indian politics has a role in preventing Pakistan from hosting the Asia Cup, Urwa Hussain

Actress Urwa Hussain believes that the reason why all the matches of Asia Cup 2023 are not being played in Pakistan is because of Indian politics due to which the ‘Indian cricket team is not playing a single match properly’. Actress Urwa Hussain expressed her disappointment by criticizing Indian politics during the Asia Cup 2023 on social media platform X. Avoiding preventing your team from playing the match properly.

He further wrote that ‘therefore India wants to disrupt the match due to rain which is against international sports spirit.’ Urwa Hussain’s reference is towards rain in India’s two matches, in the Asia Cup, It rained in India’s matches against Nepal and Pakistan, which benefited the Indian cricket team and they were given one point each in both the matches.

A total of 6 teams including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal will compete against each other in the Asia Cup.This year Pakistan is hosting the Asia Cup tournament but since the Indian cricket team has decided not to visit Pakistan for the tournament, only 4 of the 13 matches of the Isha Cup will be played in Pakistan while all the remaining matches will be played in Pakistan. It will be played in Sri Lankan grounds.

On the other hand, in an Al Jazeera report, Saad Shafqat, a cricket analyst and sports writer from Karachi, believed that Pakistan was not allowed to host the entire tournament due to India’s unfriendly and negative attitude. It is also worth mentioning here that the important match between India and Pakistan on September 2 was canceled due to rain.

He said that because the match was rained out, one point was shared between the two teams. Apart from this, the match between India and Nepal in Group A match of the Asia Cup on September 4 was also rained out. In this important Pakistan match, India won by 10 wickets by 147 runs under the Duckworth-Louis-Stern Method (DLS) without loss due to rain and after which India entered the Super Four stage.

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