The players involved in the World Cup, on whom all eyes will be

The players involved in the World Cup, on whom all eyes will be

In the World Cup 2023, who are the players who will be the architect of victory and the center of attention around the world, the analysis and ranking of 11 dangerous players of the World Cup is presented in this article.

Even before the start of the World Cup, the cricket craze had reached its peak. The fans of every team are the idols of their teams and everyone is eager to accept their favorite player as their guru. Players who change the map of the game and turn a losing game into a winning one, if their fans want to recognize them as the God of Cricket, then their insistence is not wrong.

But who is the leading man in the game and which players are the eyes of the cricket world may be contrary to public opinion, but there are some names in contemporary cricket such that wherever they go, victory goes hand in hand with them.

In the recent World Cup, who are the Surmas who will be the architects of victory and the center of attention around the world? The analysis and ranking of 11 dangerous players of the World Cup are presented to you in this article.

01: Babar Azam:
The players involved in the World Cup, on whom all eyes will be
From Babr Azam Instagram:

He who has become the uncrowned king of cricket by taking a step faster than time in adverse conditions is called not only the name but also the king of the game.

This is Babar Azam’s second World Cup. His century against New Zealand in the 2019 World Cup was considered one of the best innings of the World Cup. Babar Azam has scored 19 centuries in ODI cricket so far. Experts see him scoring two to three more centuries in this World Cup. Babar Azam is the fastest batsman to score 4000 and 5000 runs in ODI cricket.

Slow and batting pitches are expected in the World Cup, so Pakistani fans are looking up to Babar Azam in this tournament. Former bowlers Dale Steyn, Nasir Hussain, and Waqar Younis have predicted that Babar Azam will be the best player in the tournament. Experts are counting him as one of the most dangerous players.

02: Shubman Gill:
The players involved in the World Cup, on whom all eyes will be
From Shubman Gill Instagram:

According to Sunil Gavaskar, Shane Watson, and Ravi Shastri, Shubman Gill is the one who will rule Indian cricket now and in the future. A young batsman who, like his contemporaries, settles into the pitch quickly and plays every ball to score runs. He has scored 6 centuries in ODIs so far, 5 of which he has scored in the same year which means that he is in very good form at the moment. India has high expectations from Shubman Gul and he can prove to be a winner.

03: Virat Kohli:
The players involved in the World Cup, on whom all eyes will be
From Virat Kohli Instagram:

After Sachin Tendulkar, if any Indian player has sustained his charm, it is Virat Kohli. Despite scoring 47 centuries and over 13,000 runs in ODIs, Kohli’s hunger is still there. He is currently the most popular player in India and his records and performances have set everything apart. Although Kohli’s ability has reduced now and he has not been as dangerous as he has often been dismissed early, Kohli can prove to be dangerous at any time.

04: Kane Williamson:
From Kane Williamson Instagram:

If you want to see a combination of bat and wrists, look at Kane Williamson. If anyone bats according to the textbook today, it is Williamson, says Harsh Boughle. As good as he is in Test cricket, his performance is not so good in ODI cricket, but his specialty is that he takes over one end of the batting and stays put till the end. Experts see India’s pitches as very successful and dangerous as Williamson plays the spinners very well.

05: Ben Stokes:
From Ben Stokes Instagram:

Ben Stokes, who gave the England team a new life and a new light of victory, is currently the most dangerous all-rounder in the world of cricket. How he handles the falling wall has greatly strengthened England’s middle-order batting. Statistically, Stokes looks far behind his contemporaries, but his innings have resulted in most of England’s victories. His additional strength is bowling but Stokes may not bowl in the World Cup due to knee injury.

06: Hardik Pandya:
From Hardik Pandya Instagram:

India’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya is being considered as a potentially dangerous player in this World Cup. Pandya’s aggressive batting has given India a finisher after a long time otherwise there was no finisher in the team after Dhoni who could rain sixes in the last overs.

Pandya’s additional specialty is his bowling. He bowls effectively with medium pace and variety while he bowls the medium overs very well which could make him a key player in this World Cup.

07: David Miller:
From David Miller Instagram:

South Africa’s cricket team has always been blessed with aggressive batsmen, but for the last 4 years, their team was sorely lacking a batsman who can bat aggressively. David Miller’s poor form and Ingram’s retirement had set South Africa back, but now they have a batsman in Heinrich Klaasen who can bat fast on all types of pitches. His recent innings of 174 runs against Australia has given him a lot of fame and he is ranked seventh in the list of dangerous players of the recent World Cup.

08: Jasprit Bumrah:
From Jasprit Bumrah Instagram:

Injury-plagued Jasprit Bumrah has finally recovered and returned to the team after a year-long layoff and has impressed as soon as he arrived. His brilliant bowling in the Asia Cup has added to his importance. Bumrah’s distinctive style and bounce of the ball are considered to be important players. If Bumrah stays fit, he can become India’s champion.

09: Shaheen Shah Afridi:
The players involved in the World Cup, on whom all eyes will be
From Shaheen Shah afridi Instagram:

The bowler who has made his place in world cricket in a very short time is Shaheen Shah Afridi. Due to the long fingers of the left arm, his ball outswings naturally and is very late, which does not give the batsman time to understand the ball. Shaheen Afridi destroyed the Indian batting line in the same manner in the previous Asia Cup, while the Indian team was also defeated in the T20 World Cup match played in Dubai. However, in the second match against India, he could not trouble the batsmen.

Due to Shaheen Shah Afridi’s dangerous bowling, experts are predicting that he can trouble the rival teams in the World Cup.

10: Rashid Khan:
From Rashid Khan Instagram:

No one has high expectations from the Afghanistan team and a win against any team other than the Netherlands does not seem possible. But Rashid Khan can play an important role for his team. Rashid will trouble every team with his bowling and he might spoil the average of the big batsmen. He has taken 172 wickets in ODIs. Right-arm spinner Rashid Khan could be the highest wicket-taker in this World Cup.

11: Kuldeep Yadav:
From Kuldeep Yadav Instagram:

India’s Chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav can be a dangerous bowler in this World Cup due to his nippy bowling and wicket-taking ability. He also bowled well in the IPL and Asia Cup this year. They have invented a new ball Chinaman Flipper, making them more dangerous. Their bowling will be a tough test for the batsmen.

These are the players who can change the game at any time. Apart from them, other players are part of the World Cup who, if they are in their best form, can pile on the runs and dismiss any team in minutes.

Will they all be the kings of this World Cup? The correct answer will be available only after a few matches, but these are the 11 names who know how to make a bad game better.

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