Criticism of ‘Mayi Ri’ mentally affected, Aina Asif

Criticism of 'Mayi Ri' mentally affected, Aina Asif

Aina Asif revealed that the criticism on ‘Mayi Ri’ has affected her mentally. Actress Aina Asif, who played the role of a young bride and a young mother in the popular drama ‘Mayi Ri ‘, has said that she has a sensitive mindset and her mental health is affected by the criticism of her role in ‘Mayi Ri ‘. Affected.

Aina Asif recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show along with the rest of the cast of her drama, where she spoke candidly about various issues. In response to a question, he said that he has a sensitive mind and heart and his attention immediately goes to negative things. If he does, they get upset.

He complained that people criticize him and create funny memes about him, but they don’t realize the effect their memes have on others. Aina Asif said that it is easy to create memes but when they are created, it is difficult for them to face them.

The actress said that she was criticized as to why she was shown as a 20-year-old girl in the drama despite being young. She said that she is 15 years old and she understands the role of 20-year-old Aini in the play ‘Mayi Ri ‘ very well and similarly, people should understand that the play was made on the subject of child marriage. So it was mandatory to show the young actress.

According to him, even if a 20-year-old girl was cast in her place in the drama, people would have criticized and said that she did not look like a girl. Aina Asif said that the Mayi Ri criticism due to her role and acting on social media affected her mental health.

When asked what kind of roles she would like to play in the future, she said that she wishes to be given negative roles. Aina Asif said that she will not appear on screen soon, now her exams are going to start, after which she will give some tests, so she will not appear in any project anymore.

In response to a question, he revealed that during the break of classes in school, female teachers talk to him only about plays and keep asking him what will happen in the next episode of his play. According to him, she gives false information about the drama of her fellow castes and lies to them.

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