The new actress says she will work till marriage, Nadia Afgan

The new actress says she will work till marriage, Nadia Afgan

Senior actress Nadia Afgan has said that compared to the past, it has become easier to enter the world of showbiz, but the new acterss do not work hard and say that they are not working for money, while actress say that they are So they will work till they get married.

Nadia Afgan recently participated in the comedy show ‘Gap Shap’, where she openly talked about showbiz and other issues. In response to a question, the actress said that she is not very interested in politics, but she keeps an eye on the upheavals and changes in politics related to domestic affairs.

According to her, today’s politics and conditions are not very good, but still, she will exercise her right to vote in the upcoming elections. The actress while talking about her drama ‘Kabli Palau’ said that till the time of shooting, the director of the drama including her had no idea that the drama would become so popular.

He claimed that people look forward to ‘Kabli Pulau’ like they used to look forward to Pakistan Television (PTV) dramas in the past. Talking about her health and fitness, Nadia Afgan said that she is on a keto diet these days because she is very lazy and doesn’t go to the gym.

He said that he has lost a good amount of weight while on the keto diet and now his weight has reached 65 kg. Nadia Afgan said that she also changed her hair color, her hair was black for 50 years, so she changed it now.

When asked about the changes in showbiz now compared to the past, he said that many things have changed in showbiz, now it has become easier to work compared to the past. According to him, when he started working in the PTV era, he used to fear that he might be late in reaching the shooting set and that he might be fired if he committed any mistake.

According to Nadia Afgan, in the past, actors including her did not dare to ask for their money, but now things have changed. He said that now many TV channels have come, and there are many production houses while everything has changed because of social media.

According to him, in his opinion, it has become easier to work now than in the past, now people do not have to work hard. The actress said that she has worked with man y young actors, who she has repeatedly asked to read the script before shooting, to which they tell her that there is no need to do so because they are paying for it.

According to Nadia Afgan, new actors tell her that they are only in showbiz to increase their followers on social media, while actresses tell her that they will only work until they get married. The actress said that a good change has come in the showbiz industry is that now there are children from very educated and rich families but they don’t believe in hard work while acting.

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