Cricketers send a lot of messages, they shouldn’t, Nawal Saeed

Cricketers send a lot of messages, they shouldn't, Nawal Saeed

Model, singer and actress Nawal Saeed has claimed that many famous cricketers send her messages from their verified Instagram accounts, which she is shocked to read. The actress recently participated in the comedy show ‘Had Kurdi’, where she talked about various issues apart from showbiz.

The actress said that she has recently launched her own clothing brand, where she has kept the price of the clothes low and her clothes start at Rs 9 thousand. Speaking in the program, she said that in the beginning of her career, as a woman, she must have faced difficulties, but soon she got the position she wanted.

According to him, initially he had no experience of working in showbiz, so there were difficulties and he worked hard to make his place. The actress said that she never thought that she would become such a famous actress, so she started modeling and acting soon after she started singing.

She revealed that while initially modeling, she was featured in several commercial videos for one to two seconds while the commercials were shot for 12 to 14 hours. According to Nawal Saeed, although he was featured less in the advertisements, he was paid in full.

Talking about the issue of spreading false news about him on social media, he revealed that some time ago he did a bridal show with actor Noor Hassan, then his relatives called the actor’s parents to congratulate him on his son’s marriage. He complained and complained why he was not invited to the wedding.

According to the actress, fake news of her marriage has been spread by viralizing the pictures of her bridal shoot. Similarly, he said that recently during the shooting of the drama ‘Dagh Dil’, his face got damaged due to an infection, on which negative things about his complexion and face were spread on social media.

When asked about marriage, she said that she will get married one day or the other, but she has no intention yet. According to the actress, the boy first has to convince her and convince her, only after that her parents will talk about the relationship for her.

When asked about receiving messages on social media, the actress claimed that she receives a lot of messages from Pakistani cricketers, not actors. Nawal Saeed claimed that several cricketers send him messages from their verified Instagram accounts, mostly complimenting his beauty.

According to her, she is surprised to read the messages of cricketers that even the people representing Pakistan at the world level can do this and they should not do this. Although she did not name any cricketer, she claimed that she receives many messages from cricketers, which shock her.

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