The interesting story of Hamza Sohail entry into ‘showbiz’

The interesting story of Hamza Sohail entry into 'showbiz'

Hamza Sohail, the rising star of the Pakistan showbiz industry, revealed how he entered the showbiz industry. Hamza Sohail, the son of Pakistan’s prominent actor, writer, director, and comedian Sohail Ahmed, explained the reality of entering showbiz.

Talking about his childhood, the actor said, “I told my school teacher that I want to participate in a drama, on which my teacher gave me a play, which was a very enjoyable experience for me. When I heard the applause on the stage, my passion increased. ‘

Hamza said that the passion for acting at the school level instilled more passion in me and whenever there was an opportunity, I used to fulfill my passion for acting. The actor further said, ‘Abu sent me to London for higher education, from there I did my bachelor’s in business management, after that, I also did my MBA from London. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I wanted to do some work, meaning some business, etc., that is, I wanted to be in the practical life.’

Since I was a business student, I had no idea about acting professionally, but it was just what I had to do and then I heard that one should assist first. I went to Karachi and assisted in production houses, then someone suggested I join theater because theater polishes an artist like no other medium. So far I had only seen the theater up close.

He further said ‘I met Kashif Nisar several days later. I said I want to come to acting. He had a small role in the drama ‘Man Jogi’ for a web series. He asked me if he would roll it. Kashif liked my audition. And so the work started with the small role of “Man Jogi”.

Hamza Sohail said that the age of learning is lifelong. I will learn from where I can learn something. It should be noted that actor Hamza Sohail has managed to make a name for himself by acting in Pakistani drama projects like ‘Fairy Tail’, ‘Zara Tum’, ‘And Main Hari Piya’.
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