People are laughing at actress Neelam Munir

People are laughing at actress Neelam Munir

Actress Neelam Munir is considered among the best and most talented actresses in Pakistan. Neelam Munir acted in many dramas for Pakistan. His popular plays include Kahin Deep Jale, Dil Moom Ka Diya, and Qayamat, these are the plays that have played a very important role in bringing Neelam Manor to the heights of fame. But now Neelam Munir is gaining more fame from the drama serial Ihram Jinnu and this drama will be the blockbuster drama of her career. Neelam Munir is a very nice and innocent actress who cares a lot about her fans.

Why did people start laughing at actress Neelam Munir? People were forced to laugh at the dance of Neelam Munir, the main actress of Pakistani people’s favorite drama serial Ihram-e-Joonon.

In the viral video, it can be seen that Neelam Munir is dancing with actor Imran Abbas on the occasion of her wedding, while Nimra Khan is getting very jealous after seeing this scene. After some time, Neelam Munir collapses while dancing and Imran Abbas carefully takes her home to rest.

Let us also tell you here that Nimra Khan (Sajila) did not like the dance of both of them because now somewhere she also has a feeling of love for Imran Abbas (Shani).

However, Neelam Munir’s overacting in the play, wide-eyed stares, and her fun-filled recent dance are being mocked more than criticized.

Let’s know what social media users have to say about this.Someone said old mare red bridle, then someone said Neelam pokes her eyes out too much and looks too over, someone said mashallah on dance then someone said Neelam has danced very well.The rest will be guessed after reading more comments.

Neelam Munir comments on dance
Neelam Munir comments on dance

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