The daughter says you are not a good example, Asma Abbas, on cooking pulao for her husband at midnight

The daughter says you are not a good example, Asma Abbas, on cooking pulao for her husband at midnight

Pakistani television senior actress Asma Abbas says that her daughter tells her that she is not a good example for cooking pulao for her husband at 2 a.m. Asma Abbasi is a senior actress, younger sister of host and writer Bushra Ansari, and mother of actress Zara Noor Abbas. Besides, she has worked in many dramas.

In 2018, she was diagnosed with cancer after which she did not work on the TV screen for some time.
Recently, Asma Abbas participated in the comedy show ‘Mazaq Raat’ where she revealed about her personal life.

Talking about the question regarding her comeback on TV after her illness, the actress said, ‘I was sick for many years, my husband was also tired of going around the hospital all the time, so he engaged me in some activity. Advised to stay, after which I started working in my friend’s salon.’

Pakistani actress Asma Abbas said that ‘I worked in the salon because I was not allowed to work on TV and my husband did not like it and when we got married, he asked me not to do any work. Said to which I also agreed.

The host Imran Ashraf asked the question, ‘Then how did you get permission to act?’, to which Asma Abbas replied, ‘There was a cooking show on TV, and I asked my husband how much it was. Buri is hosting to which the husband said that it is very easy, can you do it? So I said, ‘Yes, I can do it too, there is no big problem, so the husband said it’s fine, but don’t go in front of the camera, you have to work behind the camera, you become a producer.’

Asma Abbas said ‘I worked as a producer in a cooking show for one and a half years, then one day suddenly the host of the program left the job, then Salim Tahir suggested me to host it, at that time my husband was also there. , and Salim Tahir was his friend, so the husband could not forbid and he allowed me to host.’

Asma Abbas said that she did 100 cooking show programs after her husband’s permission.

The daughter says you are not a good example after cooking pulao for her husband at midnight.

During the program, a comedian asked Asma Abbas a question about her 20-year experience of working on TV. She was busy, making parathas, making rotis, and making many other dishes, so I don’t remember the TV programs in the old times.’

On which the comedian in the program made a funny comment and said that “God have mercy on him, he married a girl or someone (chef) took a cook” on which TV host Imran Ashraf and others Laughed.

Asma Abbas said ‘Brother, it was my hobby, I have to make the family happy, my daughter-in-law and daughter tell me that you are not a good example, you have drowned us. That you wake up at two o’clock in the night and say that you have made pulao or zarda for your husband, sorry, we can’t do this.’

Asma Abbas said that the daughter tells me that you are not a good example. On which Imran Ashraf said, “Yes, but if you are doing it in love with your husband, then I think that.” Interrupting the host’s words, Asma Abbas said, “When you do it in love, you have to do everything.”

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