Someone cast a black spell on me, Bina Chaudhry

Someone cast a black spell on me, Bina Chaudhry

Senior actress Beena Chaudhary has revealed that someone cast black magic on her, due to which she suffered for five years, until one night she was about to die but God gave her life.

Bina Chaudhry recently appeared on Madeeha Naqvi’s morning show, where she opened up about acting, among other things, and revealed that she fell seriously ill some time ago. The actress said that two years ago she became very ill, she confined herself to her house due to fear and illness.

According to her, although she used to work, after returning from work she was confined to her room, stopped socializing, stopped listening to music, and stopped eating out. The actress said that during her severe illness, her daughter supported her, she used to take her out with her, make her go shopping, and take care of her health.

When asked about the disease, the actress claimed that she had not been diagnosed with any disease but someone had cast black magic on her. According to him, people think of magic as a joke but the one who does it knows how difficult it is, outwardly a person is happy but inside he is sick.
Bina Chaudhry said that those who cast black magic on them must have thought that nothing could harm them, so they cast a spell on them.

According to the senior actress, she used to be seriously ill due to black magic, she confined herself to the room, her heart was upset by eating and drinking and she thought that she was going to leave now.

Bina Chaudhry said that one night she was going to die due to black magic, she had severe pain that night and was having difficulty breathing, after which she recited the Kalma while looking at her death.

The actress said that as soon as she read the word, it became easier for her, she started breathing better and got a new life, and then she got up and wondered for a long time what happened to her.

Bina Chaudhry said that when black magic took effect, he worshiped well, he got spiritual peace and he worshiped so much that he began to understand things even unconsciously. According to him, he spent five years of his life under the shadow of black magic and during that time a guide came into his life, who gave him instructions and guidance over the phone and to date he has not met him in person. Now they are completely fine.

Although Bina Chaudhary claimed that someone cast black magic on him and made him ill, he did not clarify who cast black magic on him and how he came to know that he was cast.

Beena Chaudhary has been in showbiz for more than two decades, she has acted in more than three dozen dramas. Bina Chaudhary is well known for her supporting and negative roles and has also faced criticism for these roles.

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