Daurr Drama Cast & Story, Release Date & Time

Daurr Drama Cast & Story, Release Date & Time

Green Entertainment is soon going to air the drama serial Daurr with the main cast of Ushna Shah, Zhalay Sarhadi, Amna Ilyas, Noreen Gulwani and Omer Shahzad.


The main cast of the Green Entertainment Daurr drama serial includes Ashna Shah, Amna Ilyas, Zhalay Sarhadhi and Noreen Galwani.
In the main cast of the Green Entertainment drama serial Daurr, Ushna Shah is a passionate woman and a doting mother who battles between professional and personal life like an iron lady.
Zhalay Sarhadi plays the role of Manahil in the border drama serial period cast who battles demons from the past while Amina Ilyas plays the role of Hina in the drama which is about accelerating the tide of social mobility and an extraordinary Passionate for enjoying the lifestyle. Apart from this, Umar Shehzad is playing the role of Ishna Shah’s husband in this drama serial, with whom they have very little interaction.
As the countdown begins to the sporting extravaganza that will change the kids’ lives, Shizrey, Manahil and Hina have plenty of ways to deal with the pressure. A world where we can’t have it all, yet these women are willing to go through anything to make sure we do. But behind closed doors, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Secrets, insecurities, and betrayals threaten to destroy their lives. Faced with these challenges, Shizre, Manahil, and Hina must maintain a calm exterior and keep their eyes on the prize.

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The Green Entertainment drama serial Daurr is written by famous Pakistani drama writer Mohsin Ali, whose famous dramas include Maher Posh, Dunk, Khesi Peti Mohabbate, Prem Gulli, and Yeh Dil Meera.
The drama serial Daurr is directed by famous Pakistani director Wajahat Rauf while Qaiser Ali is the producer of this drama serial.
The trailer of the drama serial Daurr has been released. The drama serial Arun will be telecast on Green Entertainment every Wednesday at 9 PM from July 12.

Genres: Drama
Producer: Qaiser Ali
Directors: Wajahat Rauf
Writers: Mohsin Ali
Release Date: 12 July
Day&Air Time: Every Wednesday (9:00 PM)
Duration: 40 Mint
Channel Name: Green Entertainment
Productions:Multiverse Entertainment
Country of origin: Pakistan


The main cast of the drama serial Daurr includes Ushna Shah, Amna Ilyas, Zhalay Sarhadi, Noreen Gulwani, and Omer Shahzad.

Ushna Shah: Shezray
Zhalay Sarhadi: Manahil
Amna Ilyas: Hina
Noreen Gulwani: TBA

Daurr Drama Cast Ushna Shah
Ushna Shah As a Shezray:
Daurr Drama Cast Zhalay sarhadi
Zhalay Sarhadi As a Manahil
Daurr Drama Cast Amna Ilyas
Amna Ilyas As a Hina
Noreen Gulwani

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